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Adorably frustrated toddler upset he didn’t get a goodbye kiss from mom in viral video

Most mothers work 14-hour days, managing the household, preparing meals and snacks, ensuring that the house is clean and clothes are washed, getting the family ready for work and school, and planning recreational activities for everyone, among a hundred and other tasks. And yet a loving mom still has time to build a deep family connection.

Working moms are even busier, so it’s not unusual for mothers to forget a few things, like kiss their kids goodbye. But Diana Simos learned just how upsetting that can be, as recorded in the  Facebook post.

She may have to take a few lessons from her hilarious toddler on how to build a better family connection.

Living in Jacksonville, Florida, Diana was in a bit of rush on her way back to work, and forgot to give her son, two-year old Alexander, a proper kiss goodbye.

Alexander was understandably upset. In the video on the Facebook post, the little boy showed his frustration, stomping his foot and tossing his arms in anger and confusion.

Fortunately, Alexander had someone to commiserate with. His father Christos recorded the video, where the boy starts by pointing to himself and clearly stating, “Mama, and me and (kissing sound),” with an indignant head shake, implying that his mother had committed the gravest sin of not kissing him goodbye. Christos heartily encouraged his son’s rant, and egged Alexander on.

“She didn’t give you a kiss? And she just went to work? What kind of mother does that?” His son agreed, saying “Yeah! Oh man!” He even points to his younger sibling in a car seat, implying his mom didn’t kiss the baby goodbye either.

In the Facebook post, Diana explained that the adorable and highly amusing incident happened after soccer practice, and she had to run back to work.

“After Alexander’s soccer practice I was in such a hurry to get back to work and my baby Alex was very upset he didn’t get the proper goodbye. He had a lot to say and my husband got it all on video lol.” Fortunately, the young child did not go through a full-blown meltdown.

With more than 290,000 views on the Facebook post, the Simos family received thousands of comments on the humorous video. A Facebook commenter asked if her son was mad after she came back home, and Diana explained that he was.

“It broke my heart and I haven’t stopped kissing him since.” she wrote. Another noted, “Mommy, you are in big trouble when you get home. This is sooo sooo precious!”

Yet another commenter looked farther into the future, thinking that soon enough Alexander will be better at expressing himself: “Just wait until he gets to talking good, he’ll have no problem giving you a piece of his mind.”

In Diana’s defense, it is important to note that she added the hashtag #MadeItUpToHimThough to the video, indicating that she made up for the mistake to her lovable son. The hashtag is easily something that all harassed mothers can relate to.

She did add later on, “I came home and smothered him with kisses until he got annoyed.” Family connection established as demanded by the adorable toddler. And all is well in the Simos household.

Who can resist the endearing video below? Pass on this story and help brighten up someone’s day.

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