Husband transforms into ‘human chair’ for pregnant wife at doctor’s appointment

Hegang Police

“…For better, for worse.” A caring husband took his marriage vows seriously as he loving supported his pregnant wife at her doctor’s appointment.

A video from China has resonated worldwide for a number of reasons, primarily for the lengths a husband would go to guarantee his wife’s comfort.

In a video released by the police of Hegang, a city in the province of Heilongjiang in north-eastern China, the couple seemed to be waiting in the hallway for the expectant mother’s doctor’s appointment. The hallway is crowded, with people passing through and more seated on the nearby benches.

The seats are full of other waiting patients. The people sitting down are comfortable, relaxed, and glued to their cellphones. And no one offered a seat, or even took notice, of the pregnant woman.

Forced to stand while waiting for her doctor’s appointment, the wife grew tired and apparently her legs started going numb. With few options to choose from, the selfless husband did not even hesitate and offered a creative, but unusual solution to his struggling wife.

Uncaring of the opinions of onlookers, he sat down on the floor, and gestured for his wife to sit down. Grasping a handrail for support, she slowly lowered herself onto his back, and leaned back.

Hegang Police

She must have breathed a sigh of relief after that!

But the model husband didn’t stop there!

With his wife on his back, he offered her a water bottle, making sure that she stayed hydrated during the long wait. She took a sip and gratefully returned the water bottle to her considerate husband.

All this transpired with a crowd of people not even bothering to look up from their cellphones, or asking about the welfare of the couple. The video shows a number of people walking by without stopping or even taking a second look at the pair in their peculiar position.

Hegang Police

It’s not clear how the long the two waited, but doctor’s appointments can take a notoriously long time. The wife may have been more comfortable, but it can’t be easy being a makeshift chair for a heavily pregnant woman. The wife was even seen hitting her legs a few times, most likely trying to massage back some feeling into her tired limbs.

The video was posted on the Hegang police’s official account through the short-video app Douyin. It has been viewed and liked millions of times, and generating discussions all over the world on the dedication of husbands towards their wives, and the growing indifference of people.

Hegang Police

The police lauded the man as a “good husband.” In the accompanying post the video, the police criticized the onlookers, most of whom were staring at their phones. Reflecting most of the opinions of the viewers, the police said that the clip should be titled ‘indifference’.

The police then prompted viewers to give Kudos to the ‘good husband’, and many followers did so.

There are sure to be tougher times ahead for this growing family, but this couple seems to be on the right track to a successful marriage. This man’s gallant act at his wife’s doctor’s appointment will be a tough act to follow.

Watch the viral video below courtesy of Daily Mail:

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