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NFL hopeful shows up to surprise his good friend at Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a great reminder that everyone deserves to shine!

Most of us might remember our high school years as one of the best years of our lives. During this era, we got to explore our individuality and discover our skills and talents. It was also a time when we had lots of questions about everything. But what made this stage of confusion bearable were the friends that we met along the way.

Our high school buddies are the people who’ve seen us grow and mature over the years. They were there to celebrate with us during our triumphs and support through our failures. It was during these years that we come across the people who would become family to us in the long run.

For Texas A&M linebacker Tyrel Dodson, he found the friend who stuck with him through thick and thin in the person of William Gawlas. The pair first met when they were sophomores in Centennial High School in Tennessee through Best Buddies International, an organization that aims to “enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

William has Down syndrome, and Tyrel says that ever since that fateful meeting, he and William have been talking every day and they eventually became the best of friends.

Tyrel says that their friendship has made a great impact on his life. It helped him stay positive and keep going throughout his college career as he prepares for the NFL draft.

For the past three years, William has been cheering Tyrel on in every single game, but recently, the roles have been reversed. William is one of the participants in the Special Olympics, and Tyrel was able to support his best friend and cheer him on in the sidelines.

This time, William was the star in the field. Tyrel says that his best friend has always been tough on him in a way that encouraged him to keep going. Now, he feels excited that he gets the chance to play this role for William during the Special Olympics.

It’s evident that their friendship is one of pure love and support – it’s no wonder how it stood the test of time!

Watch the video below from CBS Sports to see how Tyrel supported William in the Special Olympics and get a glimpse into the duo’s precious brotherhood!

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