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Golden retriever walks over 62 miles over 2 weeks to return home

This loyal dog in China missed her family so much that she walked over 60 miles for two weeks just to see them again.

Ping An, the one-year-old Golden Retriever, was taken to a family friend’s house in Nantong—approximately two hours away from her home in Qidong—while her owners were busy renovating their home in June.

The set up was supposed to be temporary, as they had planned on taking her back once the remodeling was done.

Photo by Xu Ge

But nearly four months later, they learned that Ping An had run away and gone missing. Devastated, the family thought they’d never see their beloved pet again.

What they didn’t know was that the homesick dog embarked on her own journey towards home.

Using only her memory from the car ride to Nantong, Ping An took the longest trek of her life. The arduous expedition left her emaciated and injured.

Luckily, workers spotted the exhausted canine outside the gate of Hanwha New Energy Co. on October 26, according to Jianghai Evening News.

Photo by Xu Ge

The employees found Ping An with her paws bleeding, and they immediately tended to her by giving her food and treating her wounds. She also looked “quite depressed after she was unable to find her owners,” said the rescuers.

While looking after the poor dog, they tried to track down her owners by sharing a photo of her on WeChat, a Chinese messenger app. The picture showed Ping An lying on the road with her head down, seemingly losing hope of finding her family.

Within the day, the post was seen by Ping An’s family, who instantly recognized the dog even though she had lost weight. They rushed to the site to pick her up and brought proof of ownership.

In the heartwarming reunion video, her owners can be seen petting and hugging the Golden retriever. After enduring four months of separation, it’s clear how much they’ve missed each other.


“Ping An, you’ve worked hard. You just stay home from now on. [We] would never send you away,” they can be heard saying in the clip.

Thankfully, Ping An—whose name roughly translates to “safe and sound”—is now back home and recovering from her injuries after being seen by a vet, according to her family.

After realizing how loyal their dog is, the family vowed they would keep Ping An by their side forever.

Another similar story is about this border collie/yellow lab mix named Cleo.

Earlier this year, her owner, Drew Feeback, reported the four-year-old dog missing from their Olathe, Kansas, home through a Facebook group.

Three days later, the dog’s family got the call they’ve been waiting for – someone had found Cleo. However, the details of her whereabouts baffled them.

Apparently, the dog had found her way back to their old home in Lawson, Missouri, which they left in 2018. The location is about 60 miles away from Olathe, so just how the dog got there is a big mystery.

The home’s new owner, Colton Michael, first spotted the dog laying on the front porch. At first, Cleo wouldn’t let anybody near her, but he eventually gained her trust.

Someone came over to scan her for a microchip, and it pulled up a surname that sounded familiar. Britney, Colton’s wife, said it was the same last name as the previous owner of the house.

They called Drew, and the master and owner eventually shared a joyful reunion!

They had no idea how Cleo got there, but they figured she didn’t walk the entire journey. She was in way too good of shape to have done so.

Even though the situation was clouded with mystery, what’s important is that they achieved a happy ending

Indeed, dogs really are the most loyal creatures we could ever know. Share this story with your friends and family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.