Golden retriever saves stray kitten, brings her home and becomes her foster mom

Just when a stray kitten is about to lose hope of finding a family, a heroic Golden Retriever came to the rescue!

This amazing story of two lovely animals has been warming the hearts of people online these past days, especially animal lovers.


The beginning of their viral video was so heart-wrenching to watch. The little stray cat looked so weak and helpless as she was being carried by the dog in his mouth. The doggo then runs fast until she gets her to her owner’s car.

The dog seems to have such a great mother instinct, thinking the safest place to bring the cat is to her owner’s place.

Apparently, she didn’t make a mistake. On the next video clip, the hungry kitten is being fed by the dog’s owner while her canine buddy stays by her side. Like the dog, the owner is also sweet and protective of their new family member.


The next clips show how loving and protective the dog is to her new “baby” kitten. They play, bathe and eat together and cuddle each other, a beautiful sight that every viewer definitely enjoyed.

What makes the video even more heart-warming is the last clip when the kitten is trying to walk on her own and the protective mama dog is watching over her, making sure she doesn’t stumble or trip. On the one hand, the little cat has handed her safety on the hands of her mama doggo, who is also her hero.

It is clear that the golden retriever has natural mother instincts and loves looking after her baby feline. The two animals also seem to have bonded completely like a real family.


Since the video was uploaded late last year, it already gained over 3 million views. A lot of people shared their positive thoughts and reactions to the adorable video of the two animals.

Viral Paws wrote, “This is so beautiful and kind, that baby kitty was helpless and starving, so glad the sweet golden saved it. Golden retrievers have a heart full of love and warmth.”

According to another commenter, Lynne Ward, “What a way to start the day seeing this video of two precious babies 1 being pure gold literally by name and nature 2 being some little kitty who couldn’t be in better hands than this gr and their owner. I hope they stay together.”


Who would have thought that a struggling stray kitten would find a lifesaver and a new mom in a dog? Though dogs and cats are often depicted as enemies in films and books, their real relationship is actually the opposite.

This amazing story did not only prove that cats and dogs can be best friends, too but it also showed that heroes come in different shapes and forms. Animals, like humans, also have natural life-saving instincts and they don’t choose who or what they are going to save.

Now, it’s your turn to see and be inspired by the two animals’ amazing video:

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