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Dog picks his favorite person and insists on visiting her every single day

A dog given up for adoption did not only find a new home but also found his favorite person. Cheddar, a beautiful,  Golden Retriever had a good life with his family for 8 years.

However, when his owner was diagnosed with cancer, they had no choice but to give him up for adoption. They apparently lacked time and resources to look after Cheddar and give him the life he deserves.

It didn’t take Cheddar too long to find a new home. He found a new foster family who showers him with love and attention he longed for when he was given up for adoption. At first, Cheddar was very needy and wanted to be around his family all the time.

“He cannot be alone,” said Shelley Vassall, Cheddar’s mom. “All Cheddar wants is to have all attention on him — once you start petting him and then stop, he will either bump your arm with his head or tap his paw telling you to continue. He would have you sit for hours if he could, just petting him.”

Cheddar, being a friendly dog, used to love everyone he came across and never really had a favorite. Things changed one day when he was out for a walk with his mom and they saw an elderly couple sitting on their front porch.

Cheddar’s Mom stopped by for a quick chat and that’s when the loving dog fell in love at first sight with his neighbor Jean.

Jean and Cheddar instantly formed a special bond and it seemed that the dog couldn’t get enough of his new-found neighbor. He started to visit her every single day and play with her.

Vassali said that they try to go to Jean’s house every day if they can. “They live around the corner and one street over from us. When it’s been more than a few days and we haven’t seen her, Cheddar is particularly vocal when we visit next,” she added.

Cheddar is too fond of Jean that he knows the exact street where Jean’s house is. Even they were headed to a different direction, Cheddar would insist to go that way. He would pull on the leash and turn in the direction that leads to Jean’s.

Every time Cheddar goes for a visit, Jean will hand him some cookies. Though Cheddar enjoys them a lot, it is obviously not the treats that make him want to visit Jean every day. The connection that Cheddar has with Jean is exceptional and they have been inseparable since they met.

Visiting Jean completes Cheddar’s every day and spending time with her gives him so much joy and fulfillment. Whatever the season is, the loving dog makes sure he gets to visit his best friend.

In winter, they spend time indoors but when the weather is good, they play in the backyard where Cheddar can roll in the grass or play with his tennis ball.

For three years, Cheddar and Jean have been spending time together every day. Jean knows more than anyone that Cheddar’s daily visits are more than just a routine. It is clearly a constant expression of love and affection from his canine friend.

Watch the video and witness their exceptional connection:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.