Firefighters goes above and beyond in helping boy

You will meet people who would bring you down. And though it is hard to think as to why people take delight in causing the suffering of others, we have to accept the fact that it happens. Fortunately, just as how the world is filled with bad people, it is filled with good-hearted ones as well.

Jonathan Moran, a student of a special education school in Cranford, New Jersey, encountered these two types of people in the world in a single day. On his bus ride home from middle school, Jonathan, a high-functioning autistic child, was singled out.

The bully threw awful and spiteful words at Jonathan and did not stop there. He went on to break the special child’s glasses and displayed violence, leaving Jonathan with a cut in his lip and bruises on his face.

When asked what caused the bullying that went on a physical assault, Jonathan’s response will surely break your heart.

“They started making fun of my sneakers…and calling me fat… plus he called me stupid.”

Surprisingly, despite struggling with self-control, Jonathan showed an incredible self-restraint and chose not to stoop down the level of the bully.

It is no secret that firefighters are modern heroes. But in today’s featured story, the EMT’s rescued Jonathan Moran and saved his day, but in a way that is totally different from how they usually do.

The honorable EMTs from the Linden Fire Department responded to a call they received and arrived at the scene. After learning about what happened, they asked Jonathan to hop in their firetruck. They took Jonathan home themselves so that he wouldn’t have to go home with the people who bullied him.

During the ride, the EMTs went above and beyond their call of duty, taking time to make Jonathan comfortable. When Jonathan was finally at ease, he shared his diagnosis of autism to the men who saved him. The special child even shared his dreams and aspirations, expressing interest in joining the military when he grow-up.

The EMTs of Linden Fire Department dropped Jonathan off at his home, ensuring his safety, before driving off.

You might think that this is the end of Jonathan’s day, but this is just the beginning!

After hearing the story behind the bullying, the EMTs chipped in some money and returned to Jonathan’s home that same evening with a gift Jonathan will forever treasure!

“We got back from a call and it struck a chord in my heart and I was telling the guys what happened… We decided to chip in and give the kids some shoes.” Brian Paster shared how they have decided to brighten up Jonathan’s day.

The kind-hearted and heroic EMTs bought new sneakers for Jonathan as a gift together with a T-shirt, a pair of socks, and an American wooden flag, in hopes of turning a negative thing into a positive thing.

Hope Moran, Jonathan’s mother, expressed how proud she is of how Jonathan kept self-control and handled the situation. According to Hope, Jonathan has been bullied before, and the warmth and kindness the EMTs showered Jonathan might turn his son’s ordeal in a positive direction.

Imagine how the world would be a better place if all of us focus on how to make one another feel better. Wouldn’t a world fill with kind words and helpful actions sound more appealing? May Jonathan’s and the EMTs story help encourage people to stand up against bullies and stop bullying.

Watch the heartwarming heroic deed of the Linden Fire Department EMTs as they lifted up the spirit of a bullied kid.

Photos and Video | CBS News

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