Go Forward And Live Your Life

It takes a lot of strength and courage to put the past behind you and stand up and say: ” I will not let it define me.” To push forward and create the life that you truly deserve and not focus on bad things that life handed you in the past. — Unknown

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8 thoughts on “Go Forward And Live Your Life”

  1. Amen
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  2. True and but almost impossible when the city you live in refuses to stop doing its wicked deeds to you… No imagination or insanity just being real…

  3. True, however, there are people that will constantly keep you there when they don’t move on while you do. They continue to feel entitled to effect you by their choices that fall down on you time and time again. These are the times that standing in the middle of the storm is the best you can do with knowing this in your mind. The storm will eventually pass until the next and when you do it for so long it numbs you, it’s time to break their wind at all costs to stop the madness. It is fact for some that just because we want to, doesn’t me can cut them out for reasons we will have to deal with them in our present like it or not!

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