Girl teased for wearing hand-me-down clothes surprised by friend

Nowadays, it’s easy for the youth to order clothes online. But not everyone comes from a family that can afford to buy new clothes now and then. Thus, have to wear hand-me-down clothes.

Most of us have gone through the experience of being picked on at least once in our lives. Whether it’s because of the way we look or the way we talk, critical people have their own selfish reasons for attacking other people. But whatever the motive, one thing is for sure — bullying leaves emotional wounds that is sometimes impossible to heal and forget.

7th grader Haley Olsen knows all of this, as she is one of the victims of bullying in her school. But all of that is about to change when one of her classmates come to her rescue.

Haley was being harassed because of one superficial reason – her wardrobe. She’s one of those who cannot simply buy or order clothes online as she wish.

As one of seven children, Haley’s parents can’t afford to buy her the trendiest clothes and the latest shoes. Because of this, the girl had no choice but to wear hand-me-downs – which is what the other girls at Marc T. Atkinson Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona attacked her for.

The bullying became so bad that Haley would often come home in tears. She felt frustrated and hurt that she was being picked on for the pettiest of reasons. Haley told Fox 10 News:

“I always came home crying and stuff to my parents saying how I didn’t want to go to school anymore, I wanted to be home schooled.”

But not all girls were mean like her bullies. There was one who was different from the crowd and who was nice to her. She is Mariah Andrew, a fellow 7th grader who Haley met at the beginning of the school year and became friends with.

Little did Haley know that her newfound pal had a secret plan for her – one that she never saw coming.

One day, Mariah asked Haley what sizes of clothes and shoes she wore. The latter wrote it down on a piece of paper and Mariah went home to put together her sweet surprise. The next day, Mariah handed Haley her gift – a backpack full of trendy clothes and shoes!

Once Haley saw the bag’s contents, she could not believe it. The grateful teen said:

“I was jumping all over the place screaming how happy I was.”

Mariah was just as happy when she surprised her new friend. She became tired of the relentless bullying that Haley was experiencing and she wanted that to stop.

“It made me feel happy at first and the day that I gave it to her, I was trying so hard not to cry.”, she said.

Some other students in the middle school were inspired by Mariah’s kind act, so they also reached out to Haley and extended their help. Sonoran Smile Orthodontics, upon learning about Haley’s story, also offered the girl some free dental work. Talk about the domino effect of good deeds!

Mariah stood up for her friend in the best way that she could, and she did all of this without expecting anything in return. She just wanted the bullying to stop, so Haley can be happy and have a positive disposition every time she comes to school with the help of her new wardrobe.

Ever since that day, Mariah and Haley’s bond have grown even tighter and they are now inseparable.

Mariah just showed everyone what it means to be a true friend, and we just hope that the two will have a lasting friendship!

Watch Haley and Mariah’s interview with Fox 10 News below.

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All photos were taken from Fox 10 News.

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