4 Replies to “Brave 12yr-old girl poses with colostomy bag to inspire others”

  1. I too have had a colostomy. You asked the question as to what do you think of your bag as. I just think of it as wearing apparel such as underwear. I have had mine for six years and taking care of it is second nature to me. The make I use is Hollister. My apparatus comes in two parts. The part that adheres to my body and then the bag. I change and or empty my bag several times a day but the apparatus only about once each week.

  2. thank you so much for this video I have been having a lot of issues to where I might be going to a bag uou make it seem so easy,look forward to seeing more for learning process.Susan

  3. In the dental profession, we called them finger cots. And, yes you can buy them. I now use them if I have a sore on a finger with a bandaid that I am tired of changing many times a day cuz it gets wet.

    You have a wonderful presence. Thanks, again for the education.

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