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This little Japanese girl and her pet poodle will brighten up your day

Dogs are one of the most loyal and amazing companions that you could ever have. Though they can be messy, rowdy, and loud at the same time, we love them just the same and embrace all that comes with them.

Their unique personalities and funny quirks are what endears them to us, but most of all, it is their genuine love which we value the most. For the reasons mentioned, it is no wonder why dogs and humans share a special bond.

This tight relationship is exactly what Riku the Poodle and Mame have. Mame is a little Japanese girl and Riku is a giant Poodle. Together, they make the most adorable pals that you will ever see.

Mame’s grandmother documents their cute exploits and posts their photos on Instagram, which currently has a massive following of 537k people.

She has two other dogs named Gaku and Qoo, but Mame’s connection with Riku seems to be extra special as the two are almost inseparable. Whether Mame is reading, sleeping, or playing, Riku is always there, making sure that she never leaves her human’s side.

Scroll down to see the Instagram-famous duo’s most adorable photos:

1. Let’s pick out flowers for grandma. Shall we, Riku? 

2. Here’s a smooch from your favorite pooch!

3. So, what shall we read next?

4. The adorable duo wearing matching turquoise blue knitted caps. How cute!

5. Human in a box, would you come and play?

6. How do you like those trinkets, Riku? 

7. This cake icing is definitely Riku-approved! Can I have this on my birthday too?

8. Yay for bedtime stories!

9. The cutest door greeters ever!

10. Are we really having bread for breakfast?

11. I didn’t know we had four dogs in the house, grandma!

12. Two biggies and two minis.

13. Look, Riku! These clouds are as white as you.

14. Poring over the pages of the morning paper. Any good news?

These cute photos can surely make anyone smile! Mame and Riku’s friendship is a testament that the human-animal connection is real, and just like us, they are also capable of showing and feeling love.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.