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13-year-old gets smacked by seagull while on slingshot ride at NJ amusement park 

This teen from New Jersey got more than what she bargained for while aboard a famous ride at an amusement park.

13-year-old Kiley Holman recently added an item to her list of unforgettable experiences when a seagull smacked into her face while on a slingshot ride at Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterpark.

She had only expected to scream while aboard the thrilling ride, so it was a pure shock when the feathered animal struck her right in the face, as though it wanted to join in on the fun!

“I didn’t know what to do when it hit me,” Kiley told Inside Edition. “I was just nervous it was going to peck me.”

Kiley, from Weatherly, was at the amusement park on July 6 with her friend Georgia Reed to celebrate the latter’s 14th birthday.

Excited, the pair hopped onto the slingshot ride, which thrusts its passengers into the air at 75 miles per hour. Seconds after being catapulted into the sky, a speeding seagull got stuck between Kiley’s face and the over-the-shoulder seat restraint.

As it happened, Kiley screamed, “A bird flew on my face! Oh my god!” but Georgia, who was seated next to her, was completely oblivious to the situation.

“My eyes were closed the whole time,” Georgia recalled. “The only time I opened them was when we were facing the ground.”

Kiley was able to think fast and grabbed the bird, yanking it off her face while still being flung into the air.

“I knew there was no going back, it was just going to hit me,” Kiley told Fox News. “I didn’t know what to do, so I wait[ed] for it to spin over and then I just grabbed it and threw it off me quick,” she recalled.

Her dad, who was watching them from the ground, noticed what had just happened.

“There was another lady who screamed, ‘They hit a bird,’” he said. “So we saw all the feathers flying out.”

Luckily, neither Kiley nor the bird was hurt in the incident.

“The seagull just flew away,” Kiley said. “The only thing that happened to me was a little tiny cut, that was all.”

The teen is also relieved that the bird didn’t poop on her.

When Kiley and Georgia were asked if they would give the slingshot another try, both teens responded with a “hard no.”

Honestly, we don’t blame them!

See the now-viral slingshot moment in the video below.

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