‘Gingers Unite’: Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry team up in video for World Mental Health Day

England’s two most popular redheads, Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran united in a video to raise mental health awareness. In celebration of World Mental Health Day, the two collaborated to discuss mental health issues and reminded everyone to look out for anyone who might be suffering in “silence.”

Though the video has a deep and serious message, it starts very light and actually humorous, where Sheeran is talking while a makeup artist is shaving his beard. He says in the video, “I am really excited today. I’m going to go and film a thing with Prince Harry. He contacted me about doing a charity video with him which you know is going to be good because I’ve long admired him from afar.”

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran talking

Next, one will see Prince Harry welcoming Ed Sheeran into his home. The pair eagerly sits down to talk about their collaboration. Prince Harry says that Ed Sheeran, as a creative and excellent musician, has the right “skillset” to create songs that may help people overcome mental health problems.

Ed Sheeran having his beard shaved

This, for me, is a subject and a conversation that’s just not talked about enough, and I think people all over the world are really suffering,” a serious Prince Harry tells Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran quickly agrees, revealing he’s been working on a song about the stigma faced by redheads like them. He says people don’t understand what it’s like for them, with all the jokes and mean comments on redheads: “I just feel like it’s time we stood up. We’re not going to take this anymore. We’re ginger and we’re going to fight.”

Confused and at the same time amused, Prince Harry says it’s slightly awkward and explains to the singer that they are supposed to talk about World Mental Health day, not redheads. While he’s explaining, Sheeran deletes the words “Gingers Unite” from a presentation on his laptop.

Ed Sheeran deleting the words "gingers unite"

The humorous part of the clip ends with the pair seriously speaking about World Mental Health Day. Prince Harry encourages viewers to look after one another. He says, “Guys, this World Mental Health Day, reach out, make sure your friends, strangers look out for anyone who might be suffering in silence; we’re all in this together.

Sheeran agrees, nodding his head and saying, “Thanks for watching.

In connection with the video, Kensington Palace released a message that says, “Both Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran want to ensure that not just today, but every day, you look after yourself, your friends and those around you.”

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran smiling

Mental health has become the foundation of Prince Harry’s charitable work and he led the Heads Together campaign with the help of Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge in 2017. This initiative inspired Prince Harry to do more charities in hopes of tackling the stigma of mental health problems, promoting awareness and improving the services for mental health sufferers.

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on October 10. To mark this day, Prince Harry also talked with the students of a school in Nottingham about mental health issues and education challenges.

Watch this humorous yet sincere video of Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran: