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There is a giant lavender labyrinth in Michigan and the photos are gorgeous

Labyrinths are a spectacular creation. Some people have made the analogy that walking through one – with its geometric paths and spiral patterns – carries with it a symbolism: that of taking a spiritual journey towards the core of one’s self.

In recent years, labyrinths have been utilized as meditation, relaxation, and spiritual venues. And what better way to rest and contemplate, than on a labyrinth full of lavenders?

Yes, there is such a place! This labyrinth is situated inside the Cherry Point Farm and Market in Shelby, Michigan.

Earth mounds and French lavender plants fill the paths of the labyrinth, and these spiral around its center, a stone circle that houses an array of herb gardens.

The labyrinth boasts of 36 herbal beds in total, and each layer contains different types of herbs. The 12 on the outside contain herbs grown in Michigan in the full sun. The middle 12 are culinary. The 12 innermost follow specific themes such as “medicinal herbs,” “insecticide herbs” and “herbs used for dye.” The intent is for people to learn about the various purposes of herbs.

Source: Instagram

Guests are welcome to explore the labyrinth for free. However, if you want to experience it in all its purple glory, you should visit at certain months. According to their website: “The lavender is in bloom annually mid to late July, with the color lasting into early August.” During the summer months, expect that there will always be something blooming in the herb gardens.

The Bull family operated the Cherry Point Farm in 1949. In 1961, they opened up the fruit and farm market which is considered the oldest in Oceana County. This is where tourists and townspeople scoop up homemade cherry pies and strudel, bread, jams, and jellies from.

In 2000, Barbara Bull – the fourth generation of her family to work the land for a living – decided the farm needed to be “more than just a place where people stop by the side of the road to get a quart of cherries”.

She says that she “wanted it to be a place people come to visit”.

So in 2001, she had a labyrinth built next to the market with the help of Michigan artist and architect Conrad Heiderer, who designed it.

The labyrinth is unlike a maze, you won’t get lost because there are no dead ends and only one way to get to the center.

It takes about an hour to walk to the center of the labyrinth.

“Walking into the labyrinth is only half the journey,” Bull says. “You need to walk out again.”

The lavenders are not just the only attraction in the area. The place also houses other seasonal flora like apple, peach, and cherry trees that are ready to be harvested in autumn. Within the labyrinth, you will also find plants that are endemic to the area, like black-eyed Susans and wild hollyhocks.

If you are looking for a relaxing and meditative getaway, then a trip to this labyrinth in Michigan will surely be perfect!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.