This giant inflatable Twister is the perfect game for your family

The perfect time for outdoor games is during the summer when it’s warm and sunny. Volleyball, badminton, and balloon fights are among the activities that people usually engage in during this season. But there is one game that every outdoor party seems to be missing – a classic game of Twister with a twist.


You might be thinking of the traditional two to four-person game of your childhood, but one company decided to upgrade an already fun game into something that can be enjoyed by many people at all at once. Hammacher Schlemmer has taken Twister to the next level by creating a 15-foot by 15-foot inflatable version of the game!

The rules are basic and similar to the regular Twister. Each player must spin a wheel, and where it lands will determine if the participant should put his hand or foot down, and on which circle it should go. For example, if it lands on “right hand red”, each player must place their right hand on any red circle that is free.

Hammacher Schlemmer

If your hand is already in a red circle, you must transfer it to another circle of the same color. The challenge here is maintaining your balance. Given that there are people constantly changing positions on an inflatable, to keep steady through it all would be quite hard. This makes this version of Twister a lot more challenging and fun!

A 1-horsepower air blower comes with the purchase of the kit as well as a 3-foot-tall spinning wheel that determines which hand or foot of each player must be placed on a specific color. It sells at a retail price of $2,000 – which most people found to be too much. Many were saying that the inflatable game would seem like a lot of fun, but its steep price tag holds them back from getting one for themselves.

How about you, would you get this inflatable Twister game for your next outdoor party?