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This adorable Corgi from Japan is famous for his adorable and emoji-like facial expressions

For a lot of people, it may be difficult to achieve a happy life due to the health and economic crisis the world is now facing.

Nonetheless, there are lots of positive things we can divert our minds into. Just take a look at this irresistible Corgi from Japan and your day will surely light up.

Gen is a 5-year-old Corgi boy with a tail. A lot of Corgis are born with their tail naturally short or missing. Apart from his cleverness and playfulness, people also love him because of his adorable facial expressions.

In fact, he gained a lot of attention on Instagram when his endearing photos were uploaded.

Gen has been making the days of his fans on Instagram and now, he has 114k followers. Who wouldn’t fall in love with his cartoonish and expressive facial expressions, anyway? These expressions get much stronger when he is running and playing.

One of the photos that you will definitely love is the photo of Gen sticking his tongue out for a delectable pizza. There also photos of him eating, playing and wearing different outfits.

Corgis are known to be gentle and affectionate and Gen is no exception. He loves being around people and he sleeps on the same bed with his owner.

He likes meeting someone new and plays with them right away. Because of these positive characteristics, Corgis tend to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Gen is obviously living the life as a loveable dog. However, behind his attractive smile and lively characteristic, he has health problems and fair share of challenges because of it.

According to his owner, Gen was born with hereditary chronic renal failure which cannot be cured.

“This disease causes Gen to experience polyuria (urinating more than usual), polydipsia (being thirsty all the time), anemia, malaise, and high blood pressure. To make things even worse, Gen was also born with other convulsive seizures prostatic hyperplasia,” the owner said.

Gen has been frequenting clinic these days and will continue to do so for the rest of his life. He’s on dialysis and undergoes various tests.

He is also getting a lot of injections while taking different types of medicines. Apparently, his diet is special and unlike other dogs, he can only enjoy healthy treats to improve his wellness.

Despite his health condition, Gen remains a lively, adorable dog, living a happy life.

“A dog is family. Even if a puppy comes to you with many incurable diseases it has had since birth, it’s not a reason to let go of it. Yes, Gen will live a much shorter life than your average dog and yes, his treatment costs a huge amount of money, but we, his owners, will continue to give him [the best treatment we can] and enormous amounts of love. I think that sticking to your treatment and spending time with your loved ones are the secrets to having a great short life,” his owner said.

Truly, Corgi’s cheerfulness is very contagious and is living a happy life. His beautiful photos are also proof that amidst problems and challenges, one can still smile, be playful and just enjoy life.

They may not be with us forever but our pets will always do their best to make us happy while they are still alive.

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