Funeral home lets loyal dog visit so she can say one last goodbye to beloved friend

Not even death can keep best friends apart. When someone we love and cherish dies, a part of us dies with them, but they remain alive in our hearts. Whatever we experience as humans could be as painful and heart-wrenching for dogs, probably the most loving and loyal creatures in the world.

As any dog lover could attest to, these furry creatures are dependable companions who are fiercely devoted to love and protect their human owners at all times. And they do so without expecting anything in return, except perhaps a warm hug or a scratch on the ears.

Sadie the dog proved she truly is man’s best friend when she grieved with the family after her owner’s untimely death earlier this year because of a heart attack. They were together for 13 years, and very much a part of each other’s lives. According to accounts of the day of the heart attack, Sadie stayed beside her owner and was putting her head on and under his hand even after it was clear that the paramedics couldn’t revive him.

Family and friends, as expected, mourned the death of the man, but it seemed Sadie was even more overwhelmed by grief. For ten days before the funeral, she couldn’t eat and sleep properly, and was said to have lost 10 lbs.

On the day of the burial service, in an ultimate testament of love, Sadie paid his last respects to his owner. As if gathering strength and support from each other in that difficult time, the widow Julia and the owner’s best friend — Sadie the dog — stood side by side in front of the casket as they took one last look on the man they both loved.

The dog was as important as a spouse and child, so it was important that we allowed it to happen,” explained Jeremy May, president of Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial in British Columbia, Canada.

Elements Cremation

In an interview with The Dodo, May recounted, “As Sadie approached the casket you could both feel and hear the emotion in the room from the guests. Not a dry eye in the room. It was an emotional and hair-raising moment.

The funeral home posted on Facebook a photo that captured that touching moment. The post has gone viral with 1,700 reactions, 400 shares, and more than a hundred comments to date — many of them sending love and prayers both “for Sadie and her mom.” It was clear that dogs and humans are best friends and family members rolled into one. The affectionate bond endures for years, and not even sickness and death can weaken or break up that connection.

Below is the full text of Elements Cremation social media post:

“Please share this very beautiful story. This photo has touched us so deeply at Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial and we and the family want to share it with you. 

This photograph captures a special moment between a man, his wife and their best friend. She had recently lost her dear husband to a sudden heart attack and wanted to see him one last time to say goodbye. When he had passed away at home their dog Sadie would not leave his side. After the death, she showed signs of depression, would not eat and waited for him to come home everyday. The wife believed that Sadie could also benefit from saying goodbye and getting closure herself, and she was right!

After 10 days of not eating and 10lbs of weight loss, the moment Sadie walked in her home again after the service she ate her first meal. Amazing! A heart wrenching, yet beautiful story. ”

A caring, devoted, and faithful friend until the end — that’s Sadie for sure.

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