Man tries to abduct girl — her friends fend off kidnapper while sister hurls hot coffee at him

A 22-year-old man in Michigan is making news today when he assaulted and tried to kidnap a 11-year-old girl. What the man was not expecting was that the four girls aged 11 to 14 wouldn’t easily give up. And so, with a brave heart and a cup of hot coffee, the four girls fought back and foiled the man’s evil plan — who is almost twice their age!

As seen on a surveillance camera inside the Speedway Gas Station, Bruce Hipkins, the offender, followed the four girls once they left the gas station.

Fortunately for the four girls, despite having a good time with each other, they are still very much aware about their surroundings. They quickly noticed that Bruce was tailing them, thinking fast, they crossed the street in order to lose him. Not only that, but it is remarkable how the four girls went to a well-lit area.

The Millington Police Chief, Jason Oliver, commended the four girls for their fast and smart thinking,  “They decided to go across the street where the lights are, to a lit area.”

However, the girls decision to move to a well-lit area did not deter Bruce, he continued on with his plan. He grabbed the 11-year-old Allison, the youngest out of the four girls. “He said, ‘you’re coming with me’.

And like, he grabbed my face,” Allison Eickhoff recalled. The youngest girl also shared how the gravity of the situation did not register to her initially, “This can not be happening, I thought it was a test at first but them I’m like, ‘this is real.”

Luckily, Allison and Lauren, her older sister, and their two friends remembered what their dad told them… to fight back when their lives are in grave danger. Lo and behold, Lauren and the other three girls helped Allison break free from Bruce grasp with the only thing they are holding- hot coffee!

“I grabbed my drink and chucked it at his head. I tried, I punched him in the head,” Lauren Eickhoff, Allison’s older sister recounted how she defended her sister against Bruce. Their oldest friend attacked Bruce as well with all her might.

“He grabbed another one by the hair after he had let the little one go, and they continued to kick and punch him and scream until they let go and ran off,” Police Chief, Jason Oliver shared.  The four girls then ran a block away from the Dollar General, where Bruce attacked them, and headed to the Millington Inn. There, they immediately asked help from other people, then someone called 911 to arrest Bruce.

“The girls did exactly what they should have done,” Police Chief Oliver commended the four girls on CNN. “They took fight instead of flight and they stuck together. They fought off their attacker and they won.”

Lauren shared that what happened is one of the scariest she ever experienced, “Seeing that your little sister was going to get taken is very scary.” Indeed, what Lauren, Allison, and the two other girls experienced is not a joke. Fortunately for them, despite their young age, they have a courageous heart and a fast-thinking mind that they were able to defend themselves.

As for Bruce Hipkins, he has been charged with four felonies, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, two charges of criminal sexual conduct, and assault and battery. As of now, he is serving time inside the Tuscola County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

Meanwhile, taking a look at his mug shot, the large coffee stain symbolizing the bravery and wit of the four girls is evident in his white T-shirt.

Watch the video below to learn more about the bravery of the four girls, who chose to stick together, stand for one another, and fight back against their attacker

Photos and Video | ABC 13 Houston

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