This grandma has four geese who follows and guards her wherever she goes

Animals can get overprotective, especially of their young. But these four geese in Korea have taken over the responsibility of protecting someone who is not of their kind—their beloved human grandma.

If you didn’t know yet, geese are known for being quite more aggressive than other animals. But it’s not just because they have a mean streak. Most of the time, they’re just trying to protect their goslings.

Because of this particular trait, these winged creatures are known to be one of the best guard animals around. Farmers often employ the help of guard geese because of their loud honks and protective nature.

A gaggle of geese trailing behind their owner

Geese can get attached to humans, just like these four geese in Korea who are dedicated to protecting their grandma at all costs. The way they guard her is definitely a curious sight to see!

Their story was featured on the Korean series SBS TV Animal Farm. The video starts with the elderly woman going on a stroll with her gaggle of geese.

They’re on guard for her every move. When she stops, they stop, and when she runs, they run or fly to catch up with her.

A gaggle of geese trailing behind their owner

They waddle next to her and pretty much follow her everywhere, ensuring that she doesn’t get too far or out of their sight.

Even when she went for a swim, the geese continued to follow her in the water. They surrounded her and kept their heads up for anyone trying to get near.

When a man on the beach attempted to take a picture of her with her lovely birds, the geese didn’t appreciate his boldness and drove him out. They ran and flew after him, making sure that he doesn’t come back. It seems like the geese just want grandma all to themselves.

A grandma in the beach with her four geese

The grandma shared how her incredible bond with the birds started.

“Three years ago, I wasn’t able to speak for three months after having a brain hemorrhage operation. But living with them makes me feel like I am in paradise, without any concerns in my life,” she said.

There was also a lady walking with her dog, and the geese reacted almost the same way. They flew toward the pair, making sure that they don’t go near grandma. With this level of security, one can’t help but wonder if grandma can make any friends—or even talk to anyone—when she’s outside.

Grandma said they are more protective when strangers are around. When she leaves the geese at home, she can also count on them to guard her house against intruders. When a cameraman tried to film, they even started kicking him out of the property.

Four geese driving a cameraman away

The birds live outside their grandma’s rental cottage, and they give her the round-the-clock protection that she needs.

Although they’re not the best in hospitality, grandma said that guests are amused by the four geese, so it’s okay. Whenever they walk around the neighborhood, people they meet on the way couldn’t help but smile. After all, it’s not every day that you see a group of loyal birds following an elderly woman around.

The geese and their grandma have become local celebrities in the area. They even have a street sign dedicated to them.

A grandma and her four geese

Grandma ended the interview by saying: “I just want to live happily ever after with my little friends.”

We’re pretty sure these geese will protect grandma until their last breath. Their relationship is truly rare and amazing to watch.

This bunch is probably the cutest yet fiercest geese you will ever encounter! See how they guard their beloved grandma in the video below.

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