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Five signs that reveal you have outgrown your job

Do you remember your first day at work when you have so much optimism and motivation? Do you still feel that excitement that keeps you motivated to wake up each day to fulfill your purpose? There are probably bad days too, but you get over them real quick. But sometimes, it could be like a bad month or even a year.

There are times that you’re bored at work or feel stuck at it. How could you determine if it is only a temporary bad period or a sign that you have already outgrown your job? There are some obvious signals that are telling you to leave and move on.

Here are the five signs you have outgrown your job:

1. You feel no satisfaction

According to Sarah Stoddard, a community expert at Glassdoor, the major reason why people love their jobs is because they feel that their contributions are making a positive impact to the company. On the contrary, it is difficult to stay motivated when you no longer feel proud or attached your work.

2. There is no new opportunity to learn

What keeps a job interesting is to solve new challenges and learn new skills. The added roles and responsibilities from time to time as well as the trainings add a toll to your role but these actually keep you motivated and challenged to improve on your craft.

You need to be actively managing your own career, no one else will do that for you,” said Mayer. If you have ideas but unable to find an outlet where you can apply these ideas, you will feel frustrated and get bored gradually.

3. There is no room for growth

Do you feel like you have reached the top of your career ladder? If yes, then it is difficult to be productive and stay motivated. Promotions from the early stages of career are usually achievable every two to three years, but if you are at mid-level, promotions tend to slow down. Try to find room for growth in other areas such as conferences and new responsibilities.
You don’t relate to company’s core values

4. You don’t relate to company’s core values

If you have different opinion on how the senior management should run the company and you don’t anymore relate with your co-workers, “It might not be a great fit for you,” Stoddard added. If you no longer trust in the values and mission of the company, you stop feeling motivated.

5. You are starting to lose focus on your work activities

It is normal to plan for fun activities such as going on a hike or travelling for the weekend. But if you constantly think about these kinds of activities more than your work itself, it is probably a better to leave your current job. You are constantly preoccupied and wonder about doing or pursuing other things.

Final Words

Doing a job that is no longer fulfilling is like walking in small shoes. It doesn’t fit anymore and there is no room for growth. Staying in a job that you have already outgrown is a waste of time and a disservice to the company. Outgrowing a job should not be seen as disadvantage but an opportunity to advance your career and overall growth.

For people who feels like they have outgrown their jobs, Abhishek Ratna, best-selling author and coach on career success shares, “Move out of your comfort zone, develop those necessary skills and go out for that much needed advancement.

(Note: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only and not to be treated as a professional opinion or diagnosis.)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.