First drug to prevent migraine approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration

For those who have chronic migraine, the severe throbbing in their head which most often leave them feeling disabled, cannot be cured by a simple sleep, or a pop of Ibuprofen.

It is actually a wonder how they could stand having to suffer from migraine in a daily basis. Some of those even experience migraine for more than 20 days.

Unfortunately, there are over 4 million people in the world who experience chronic migraine. And given the fact that chronic migraine strikes for at least 15 days in a month, everyone who has experienced having a migraine would give whatever it takes just to stop the severe throbbing in their head.

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Yesterday, May 18, 2018, The Food and Drug Administration of America has approved and released a new migraine treatment of its own! Those who are tired of using temporary alleviating medicines and aids for migraine will definitely rejoice over this new miraculous drug – Aimovig! 

The newly FDA approved migraine treatment was developed by Amgen, an American multinational biopharmaceutical company, in partnership with Novartis.

The migraine miracle, Aimovig, which costs $6,900 a year, works like an insulin pen. It is a drug treatment which people with chronic migraine can use by themselves.

The drug targets calcitonin gene-related peptides which has a big role in instigating and perpetuating migraines.

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According to the data gathered via scientific studies involving this newly released migraine treatment, Aimovig is capable of minimizing the number of migraine days each month.

It was observed that initial patients who have undergone this treatment reduced their migraine inflicted days by 6.6 days. The 6.6 days made a big difference as compared with the average of 18 migraine inflicted days without the treatment.

“The drugs will have a huge impact,” Dr. Amaal Starling, a neurologist and migraine specialist told in an interview. “This is really an amazing time for my patient population and for general neurologists treating patients with migraine.”

According to Amgen, the newly released migraine treatment, Aimovig, does not actually prevent nor stop migraine strikes. What it actually does is reduce the frequency of migraine attacks by 50 percent.

At the same time, the severity of the migraine attacks lessens as well. For those who have experienced migraine, this is more than enough than having to bear a severe pain in the head that often leaves them not being able to do anything.

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What makes Aimovig different from other migraine treatments is that, the newly market available drug has little to no side effects to its users. According to the study, the only side effects observed in some of the participants are cold and respiratory infections.

This is really a good news for those who have long been suffering from chronic migraine! For just until recently, people with severe headache had no choice but make use of conventional migraine preventive drugs that often cause insufferable side effects.

“It’s definitely life changing!” Robin Overlock, one of the clinical trial participats, exclaimed. In her experience, the drug will definitely be popular with people who have chronic migraine. After all, Aimovig was able to reduce her 27 migraine inflicted days each month to just 2 days. Impressive right?!

As of now, Aimovig of Amgen is the only FDA approved migraine treatment of its kind in the market. But don’t worry, it is reported that three other pharmaceutical companies namely, Lilly, Teva, and Alder, are developing Aimovig alike treatment that is already waiting for FDA’s approval. Sooner or later, this wonderful and miraculous migraine treatment will be widely available to people all over the world.

Watch the video below to find out more about Aimovig- the wonder drug people with chronic migraine has long been waiting for!

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