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The Firemen of the Greenville Fire Department accept lip-sync challenge

These brave firemen captivate viewers with their impressive lip-sync challenge performance, leaving everyone cheering in delight as they unleash their irresistible sexy dance moves.

The Firemen of the Greenville Fire Department are not only honorable and respectable men. They are also men of courage, who do not back out of a fight without giving everything they got.

So when they were challenged by the men of Paris Fire Department to do the ‘Lip-sync challenge,’ the firefighters of Greenville did not hesitate to showcase their entertaining talent!

Through the gracious assistance of iamBraodway, Jeff Davis Media, and eGreenvilleExtra, the talented and humorous firefighters gathered the materials they needed for their lip-sync video.

The effort of these honorable men paid off when their well-thought-out lip-sync challenge video gained popularity and became viral!

The lip-sync video lasts for 5 minutes and 37 seconds and featured catchy songs such as Flo Rida’s hit ‘My House!’ 

Along with the catchy music, a firefighter sings the lyrics while walking through their department’s kitchen, dining room area, and mini gym.

Moving on to the second scene, the upbeat tune of I’m Sexy and I know It by LMFAO took over the video.

The all-out firefighters got wet with water sprays as they danced and wiggled their butts along with the music.

On the third scene, Kenny Loggin’s rock music Danger Zone was played as firefighters tried to reconstruct the fallen rubles.

It’s funny how the firefighters used their tools as a mic and guitar as if they are having their own concert.

For the final scene, the firefighters used Pink Houses  by John Mellencamp. This time, the firefighters showed how their department is united in being of service to America.

The five-minute lip-synch video of the firefighters of Greenville Fire Department sure is very refreshing to see. It is nice to see that our hardworking men have an outlet to take their mind off of the pressure at work.

Their viral video has garnered more than 3,000,000 views on Youtube (as of 06/21/23) alone. It is also remarkable how their video painted a smile on the faces of their viewers!

Watch the viral video of the incredible firefighters below and witness how talented, creative, and brilliant they are!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.