Firefighter buys microwave for elderly woman after responding to a false alarm at her residence

A firefighter’s responsibilities go beyond that of preventing and putting out fires – their job entails rescue, emergency medical care, saving lives and property, and responding to other related emergency services.

To be a firefighter, one must have a courageous heart strongly dedicated to serving those in need, no matter how dangerous the situation is.

The crew from High Springs Fire Department in Florida responded to a Life Alert alarm activation on Thursday evening.

Upon arriving, the group quickly realized that there was no cause for concern – the life alert alarm was just accidentally set off.

A false life alert alarm brought firefighters to elderly woman's residence

It was an elderly woman who called for help and the crew stuck around to make sure that she was alright. It turned out that the woman actually needed some help: her microwave was broken.

They talked with the senior and she revealed that she lives alone and relies on the Meals on Wheels program for her food.

Her broken microwave was a problem because the prepackaged meals that she receives from the program are all frozen. So the accidental life alert activation actually helped.

The crew was compelled to do something for the old lady, so they immediately headed to Lowe’s to buy a brand new microwave. It was firefighter Doug Hope who decided to pay for it, pulling out money from his own pocket.

“They couldn’t in good conscience move on and not get this woman fed a (warm) meal, especially if this is the only way she receives them,” a High Springs Fire Department spokesman told CNN.

The crew went back to the woman’s home, installed the microwave then cooked her dinner. Doug sat with the woman to make sure that she ate her meal.

After responding to a life alert alarm, he bought elderly woman a microwave
High Springs Fire Department

“I don’t know how long it’s been since she’s eaten and just her looking up at me from the bed I just had to.”, Doug said.

Lt. Kimberly Wilson, who has known Doug for years says that he is “awesome”.

“We do this job because we want to help people.”, Wilson added.

According to the department, Doug joined the High Springs Fire Department about 6 months ago, but he has been a firefighter for years.

After responding to a life alert alarm, firefighter warms food for elderly woman
Firefighter being interviewed

With this incident, the team hopes to fight negativity and spread a good message.

“Just pay it forward. Do something for somebody else that you don’t know.”, Doug says.

What a wonderful act of kindness from this man! He went above and beyond his duty as a firefighter, and gave this woman something that she didn’t even ask for but clearly needed. Doug knew well to help her and for sure, she will be enjoying only warm dinners from now on.

To watch WJCB-TV20’s interview with Doug Hope, click HERE.

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