This nervous farmer was ‘grilled’ on Shark Tank, but his integrity earns him deal of a lifetime

Johnny Georges has one goal and mission he focuses on, and that is to help improve the lives of farmers. When the compassionate farmer joined Shark Tank, his initial proposal was met with disbelief by the panelists.

Fortunately, there is no mountain high enough for the determined farmer. Johnny’s story sure is a timeless one, we can learn a lot from his humility and perseverance.

For those who are not familiar with the reality show, Shark Tank is a the television show for people who would like to profit from their ideas, inventions and conceptualizations.

The reality show has a panel of potential investors hoping to find America’s next great invention.  Participants would present their ideas in front of the ‘judges’ in hope for financial funding.

During the fifth season of Shark Tank, a farmer named Johnny, presented his product which aims to help farmers conserve water resources.

During the presentation to the panelists, Johnny asked for an amount of $150,000 for 20 percent of his company, Tree T-Pee.

Everything was going fine until the panelists find Johnny’s business practices as ridiculous. The judges felt that the farmer should charge more for his product.

Despite the panelists’ recommendation, Johnny continued with his presentation, explaining that since he was selling to local farmers, he was ‘stubborn’ in his thinking that he should keep the cost down as low as possible.

The panel was of course surprised and at the same time humbled by his response. As businessmen their mindset is to make profit and not to give their money away.

Fortunately for the generous and thoughtful farmer, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, John Paul Dejoria shares the same vision with Johnny.

He agreed to assist him in everything he will need and ask for- going as far as offering to be an advisor and business partner. 

With the surprising and overwhelming support from John Paul Dejoria, Johnny couldn’t help his tears from falling. He was touched by John Paul’s generosity.

This goes to show that there are still people in the world who doesn’t feel and think that money is the center of the universe. Sure, businesses need to earn and profit, but being greedy with profit is a different story.

Good thing that Johnny and John Paul Dejoria possess a golden a caring and empathetic hearts.

“I got a lot of passion, because I have a 17-year-old son and almost a 3-year-old daughter, and I want them to have a better world than what we had,” Georges shared what inspired him to pursue his vision.  “I want them to know that their daddy made a difference and set the example.”

The support to Johnny’s goal did not stop from there, after his appearance in Shark Tank, the thoughtful farmer received more than 56,000 of emails within a day after his proposal presentation.

People who have watched the show supported Johnny as well and he was able to sell tens of thousands of his product that night! As the saying goes, when it rains it pours!

Watch Johnny’s video below and see for yourself how he was able to move the judges’ hearts and convince them to support his ultimate dream – to help improve the lives of farmers!

Truly, a man who has a determined heart and a good intention has power to make everything possible!

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