Farmer installs a giant bristle brush in his farm and his cows go absolutely crazy over it

Farming is challenging work, but it can be loads of fun too!

That’s what Tom Pemberton, a second-generation farmer in England, proved to everyone when he started sharing videos on social media describing his life at the farm.

Tom Pemberton

The 27-year-old, who shares “the highs, the lows and everything in-between” of farm living, got into social media by mistake.

“I was trying to promote a raw milk vending machine in a video, which my girlfriend helped me with at the time,” Tom explained. “We posted the video on Facebook and YouTube — Facebook went really well with around 11,000 views and YouTube only got 200-300 views. That’s how it started, completely by mistake!”

Now, Tom has over 86.5K followers on Instagram and more than 339K subscribers on YouTube. These days, his videos regularly rack up millions of views. His viewers are especially fond of seeing cows and sheep give birth to their spring babies.

While his followers appreciate learning about where their food comes from, there’s a specific type of video that has become a favorite of many: cow going nuts over a giant bristle brush!

Be sure to reach the end of this story to see the adorable footage.

Cows rubbing up against a giant bristle brush

This particular brush looks like a tool we would use to scrub dirty pots and pans—but 100x larger—and the animals just go crazy over it.

It all started when his followers caught a glimpse of his cows rubbing up a giant scrub. The invention was designed for them to scratch itchy parts of their bodies that are out of reach.

In the clip, the animals are seen rubbing their faces and necks against the bristles, clearly loving every second of it. You can just see the relief on their faces!

Without it, cattle, horses, and other animals would rub up against a wood fence or the side of a building.

Doing so can possibly damage the structure or hurt the animal, so this giant brush is really the perfect and safest solution to their scratching needs.

Two men installing a huge cow brush at a farm

Soon after, Mayo Farm Systems, a company that manufactures these very tools, reached out to Tom. They offered to provide a free brush for his animals to enjoy.

Tom agreed and shared with his followers how the huge brush for his 120-head cow herd was assembled.

During the installation, some of the cows gathered around the Tom and a worker to check out what was going on in their turf.

The process turned out to be pretty straightforward. After a pole was augured to the ground, a giant metal plate was slipped over it to form the base that will settle below the ground’s surface.

The scratching post has to be very sturdy, as a cow rubbing up on it can weigh over 1,600 pounds. A bull can be more than 2,400 pounds heavy.

Cows rubbing against a giant bristle brush at a farm

Once the work was done, the cows knew just what to do. They got right at it and tested the brush. They rubbed their chins, the sides of their faces, and even their rumps against the huge bristle brush. They looked absolutely adorable!

The cow brush comes in several sizes to accommodate different animals, including goats, horses, etc. Its brilliant inventor is Thomas Duffy, the founder of Mayo Farm Systems, who produced these tools for his brother, who runs a small dairy farm.

If animals can only leave product feedback, we’re sure this bristle brush will receive five-star reviews from its users!

Here’s a video showing the cows using their favorite bristle brush.

You can follow Tom on Instagram and YouTube to stay updated on his latest farm adventures.

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