Watch this touching video of a family singing their 95-year-old grandma a happy birthday from a safe distance

Amid the panic brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, this family from New York didn’t let it stop them from safely celebrating the 95th birthday of their matriarch.

Everyone deserves a birthday celebration. But for this grandmother who just turned 95 years old, this year’s party looked starkly different from her previous ones. That’s because it coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, so she had no choice but to spend this special day apart from her family.


This global crisis compelled governments to impose a shutdown of businesses and schools in their countries. Authorities also urged their citizens to put themselves under quarantine to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Because of their weakened immune systems, the hardest hit among the population are the elderly.

The Byrne family kept this in mind, so when their grandma’s 95th birthday came, they planned to celebrate it in a way that won’t jeopardize her health.

The matriarch.

In a video posted by Sara Byrne on Instagram, the Byrne family and their dogs can be seen lined up on their grandma’s front lawn wearing party hats. As they held up balloons and decorations, the bunch began singing their matriarch a happy birthday. Grandma Byrne stood at her porch with a big smile on her face as her family sang to her.

“We had to keep our distance but we couldn’t not see our best girl on her birthday!!! Happy 95th Gram we love you SO much!!!!” Sara captioned the post.

“Oh, I love it! Thank you!” Grandma Byrne responded to her sons, daughters and grandchildren. “I’m sorry we all couldn’t be together, but you are all together.”


Before sharing the video online, Sara paid tribute to Grandma Byrne through another Instagram post.

“If you’re lucky enough to know Grandma Byrne, you’re lucky enough!!,” she captioned the post, alongside a series of photos of the matriarch. “Wishing this amazing lady a very happy 95th birthday today, love you Gram!”

Watch the heartwarming video below.

It’s touching to see how much this family loves their grandma. In these challenging times, seeing positive stories like this is a breath of fresh air!