After moving into their new home, family notices their senior dog gained a new furry friend

Our canine companions are naturally loving creatures, and a senior dog named Bailey is no exception.

The sweet-natured pup has so much love to offer to others—both human and animal, and it shows.

Bailey was only a few years old when she was adopted by her dad, Arthur, in 2007. Before living with her forever family, she had been used as a breeding dog, forced to give birth to litter after litter of puppies only to part with them.

Bailey, the senior dog who befriended a kitten
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Recently, the 17-year-old dog showed that her motherly nature remains intact, despite never having the chance to nurture her young.

It all started in January when she and her family moved to a home in the countryside.

Bailey and Kitten-Kitten snuggling on the porch
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Shortly after the move, Bailey’s family suspected that a feral cat lived in a ravine in the back of the house. They would leave out food but would never spot the animal.

Meanwhile, Bailey did her own investigating.

“Bailey was frequenting the backyard to check up on them,” Arthur told The Dodo.

Her family didn’t know exactly what she was up to until they looked out the window one day and saw that she wasn’t alone.

Nestled on the porch was Bailey, with a cat snuggled against her furry chest. It was clear that the kitten felt safe in the company of the sweet pup.

Bailey and Kitten-Kitten snuggling on the porch
h/t: The Dodo

Apparently, this was the first time that such a thing happened.

“Bailey’s never befriended a feral animal before. It just goes to show how loving she is. She’s always been extremely sweet,” Arthur said.

Seeing that Bailey has earned the aloof kitten’s trust, Arthur and his family decided to follow her lead. They also welcomed the cat into their hearts and home and named her Kitten-Kitten.

“Kitten-Kitten is now living inside with everybody. She follows Bailey around almost like a puppy. Safe to say she’s a part of the family now!” Arthur said.

A gray and black kitten
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Now, Bailey is a mom for good to an adorable kitty. Arthur said that Kitten-Kitten loves being inside and interacting with everyone, but especially with Bailey.

Bailey’s love for the stray cat turned out to be a lifesaver. With the colder weather approaching, the dog’s family believes Kitten-Kitten would have struggled to survive the freezing temperatures had Bailey not offered her companionship.

That gesture of kindness not only gave the cat a second chance—it also allowed Bailey to fulfill her destiny as a mother.

“They couldn’t be more content,” Arthur said of the pair.

Bailey and Kitten-Kitten snuggling
h/t: The Dodo

Another set of unlikely pals is this wild duck and dog. Although they couldn’t be more different, the two have formed a special bond.

Daffy, the duck, lived in a pond behind Evan Hasting’s home. The bird used to live a solitary life until he met his best friend McGee, Evan’s dog.

Even since they met, the duo has become inseparable. McGee, who Evan describes as a “wonderful friendly dog with not a mean bone in his body,” doesn’t mind that Daffy is super attached to him.

“I think the duck just got lonely and started harassing McGee and then they became best buddies,” he said.

McGee and Daffy
Photo by Evan Hastings

Evan said that Daffy is constantly trying to get McGee’s attention. Luckily, the dog is exceptionally patient. Every morning, he shares his food with the duck and allows him to eat from the same bowl.

The best friends spend most of their day relaxing, with McGee lying on the grass and Daffy lying on his back.

At night time, they swim together in the pond for two hours. Daffy likes to jump in the water and swim. But when he’s tired, he rides McGee’s back to get back to the bank. Talk about teamwork!

Read more about their adorable friendship here.

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