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A family gave their dad with dementia a robotic cat and his reaction is delightful

This family banded together to help their 88-year-old father through the final stages of dementia by gifting him with a robotic cat.

Cheryl Yates, a woman from Ontario, Canada, knew her father, Bob, so well. A true animal lover, her dad always donated to humane societies and animal shelters. He also found homes for so many strays and surrendered many to shelters over the years.

Bob had been a huge lover of both dogs and cats all his life, but it is the latter that he especially loved. In fact, he had raised nine felines in total. These creatures make him so happy, and he absolutely cherished all the toms he had cared for.

However, Bob is in the final stages of dementia – a disease that mainly affects older people and causes a person’s memory, thinking, behavior, and ability to perform daily tasks to deteriorate.

He needed to stay in a hospital due to his condition, and as the days went on, he began asking for his kitties more often because he misses them so.

Since he is restricted to a hospital bed, Cheryl and the rest of her family thought of a way to bring the smile back to her father’s face – one that only a kitty could give. For Christmas, they gifted their dad with a robotic cat!

Bob’s reaction upon receiving his new furry companion was just pure happiness – his face lit up and he couldn’t stop smiling.

Cheryl was so moved by her dad’s delightful reaction to their gift that she couldn’t help but cry happy tears upon seeing how happy he was.

“My father loves cats and dogs, especially cats. He was a real cat man and always had cats,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“For Christmas, we bought him a Joy For All robotic lifelike companion cat in his favorite orange and white tabby color. This kitty is amazing, totally interactive, and responds to petting, human touch, and voice. This robotic cat purrs, meows and licks its paws. It rolls over, blinks, and head butts. My dad LOVES this cat so much.”

The robotic cat – who Bob named Buddy – brought a great deal of happiness and comfort to the elderly man. He holds the kitty in his arms constantly and sees him as a real-life cat.

Since he had Buddy, Cheryl noticed that her dad was so much calmer. The nurses in the hospital also noticed a difference in Bob and it all blew them away.

The Joy For All Lifelike Companion Pet Cat sells for $99.99 and is available in silver with white mitts, black with white mitts, and orange tabby.

Watch the video below to see this robotic pet in action.

It really is amazing to see how greatly a robotic companion can affect someone’s life!

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