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Sheriff’s office shares touching anecdote to shed light on what police officers do every day

This heartwarming anecdote from the Clinton County IL Sheriff’s Office might just change put a smile on your face today.

Clinton County police officers are being recognized for going above and beyond their duty to care for a child in protective custody.

One officer shared the heartwarming story through a Facebook post.

“You won’t see or hear about this on the evening news but this is something we deal with regularly,” wrote Dan Travous, the acting chief deputy of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office in Carlyle, Illinois.

Travous explained that a young child was taken into protective custody on the early morning of Saturday. He said the boy was up for most of the night and was “exhausted.”

They wanted the child to feel as comfortable as possible, so Correctional Officer Litteken bought him diapers, a stuffed animal, and clean clothing. She paid for all of this using her own money.

On the other hand, Detective McClaren kept the child company and watched cartoons with him in their telecommunications center. A photo shared by Travous showed the little boy sleeping soundly on the detective’s chest.

Deputy Davis, who took the child into protective custody, watched over the boy for over six hours until a family member arrived to take over custody.

“I don’t write this to toot our own horn, but to try and show what sheriff offices and police departments all over the country do every day,” Travous wrote.

“The national press would rather fixate on the negative. I’m here to tell you, 99.9% of sheriff’s deputies and police officers, are just like Detective McClaren, Deputy Davis and Correctional Officer Litteken. They chose a profession and have given their hearts to help and serve their communities every day!!!”

The touching story has since gotten 18K reactions and 9.5K shares.

Many Facebook users expressed their gratitude to the officers for keeping the young boy safe and comfortable.

“Thank you so much for doing what you do…going above and beyond and not doing it for the recognition but doing it because you care! True example of a hero, especially in today’s world where so much disrespect is present. Back the Blue.” Kurt-Shelly Seelhoefer commented.

“This is heartwarming. We should thank all the police officers for keeping us all safe.” said Lisa Schlesinger.

Another law enforcement personnel who went above and beyond the call of duty is this Detroit police officer named Jeremy Thomas.

Officer Thomas was assigned to Downtown Services when he saw a woman and her daughter give a homeless man a handout containing a razor, a shaving cream, and a water bottle.

After a while, a park worker told him that the man—whose name was Stanley Nelson—was trying to use rainwater to shave his beard.

When Officer Thomas came over to check, he saw that the 62-year-old man was using a puddle to rinse the disposable razor. When he approached him, Nelson thought he was being asked to leave. But the kind officer said he just wanted to help him shave.

And so he did.

It might be a simple act, but Nelson was deeply touched by the officer’s kind gesture.

“That was beautiful what he did and God is gonna bless him for doing that for me because he didn’t have to do that,” he said. “What he did for me, that was alright. I really appreciate that because, you know, I’m going through my thing and I feel bad about myself, you know, but I’m gonna be alright.

These stories prove that what we see in the media is just a sliver of reality. There’s still so much good in this world, and we should always do what we can to remind people of this truth.

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