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Texas Roadhouse employee gifted a car by co-workers after learning he bikes for 3 hours to work

An average person can ride a bike about 40 miles in 3 hours. If done once a week, cycling for this amount of time can improve one’s cardiovascular system and metabolism.

For Samson Adams, however, cycling for three hours every day is a must so he can reach his workplace.

The health and wellness benefits are just a bonus. Thankfully, his co-workers came to the rescue to help him have a new car after hearing his story.

Adams works as a server at Texas Roadhouse in Paducah, Kentucky. He lives about 3 miles away from his workplace and does not own a car, so he had to get up early and ride his bicycle to work.

He is diabetic and had to have breaks in between his long journey, which makes it a 6-hour round trip.

“I had no choice but to use a manual bike, and then that went out and then God came and blessed me with all this,” said Adams.

He had been patient with his situation and used what he had, instead of complaining and being lazy. He did not mind the daily exhaustion as long as he managed to make ends meet.

Luckily, Adams’ co-workers got to know his unfortunate story. According to Texas Roadhouse Community Ambassador Joelle Long, she found out about everything when he noticed that Adams was always tired at work. She has also been seeing a bike in their parking lot and wondered if it was one of the servers.

Long shared that Adams’ bike burst one night and he walked it at home. Hence, she decided to offer him rides, which he accepted with gratitude.

“I started picking him up. We started talking. The more I talked to him, the more I got to know him, the more I loved him, the more I felt like this guy really deserves someone to give him a little bit of help,” Long said.

When the restaurant staff learned about Adam’s story, they quickly took action to support Adams. They set up a GoFundMe campaign for him with a goal of raising $1000 which will cover the costs of a new car as well as gas and insurance.

As of now, the GoFundMe campaign for Adams had surpassed its goal and garnered over $6000 in donations. The extra cash will be set aside for Adams’ future gas and insurance expenses.

Adams shared that he did not expect the gift from his co-workers. When he was called to see his new car, he thought he was actually in trouble.

“I was like, ‘Aw man, I forgot to do something, or maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of bread on camera,” said Adams.

“You know, something simple like that, and she was like ‘No, you’re not in trouble. I got news for you. We got you a car.’ I’m like ‘What?’ Just basically I didn’t know what to think.

The days of pedaling for hours are finally over for Adams. If it took him 3 hours to go to work before, his trip to work now only takes 30 minutes. Adams feels so blessed and grateful for having supportive and kind co-workers.

“Thank you very much Paducah,” Adams said. “Come and see me at Texas Roadhouse. My name is Samson. I’ll be the best server I can be.”

Without a car, many people struggle to go to work every day. However, there are also lots of people who are willing to help them.

One of them is an 8-year-old boy from Arkansas who helped his favorite Waffle House waiter buy a new car after finding out that the latter walked every day to work. Just like Adams, his life became easier, thanks to a child with a big heart.

Watch Adams’ heartwarming story in the video below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.