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Man shares meal with elderly lady after teens ‘ignore’ her attempts at friendly chat

The heartwarming encounter at McDonald’s between an elderly woman and a young man left a lasting impression on many. A stranger’s heartfelt gesture can always make people’s hearts melt.

It may be a simple act of kindness but to that person involved and to the people watching them; it is a very heartwarming and inspiring scenario.

This is exactly what happened when a simple photo on a social media site went viral.

Last week, a teacher in Nobelsville, Indiana named Amanda Marquell Craft, had lunch at McDonald’s with her work colleagues.

While they were eating, they noticed that some young men ignored an elderly woman when she approached their table.

However, this was not what caught Amanda’s attention. What swept her away was when another elderly woman approached a young man at the next table and asked if she could eat with him.

He eagerly gave space for the woman’s food and told her they could share the table. Amanda was really amazed and touched so she took a photo of them and eventually posted it on Facebook.

Apparently, the photo circulated very quickly on the internet. The young man’s friends saw the post and kept tagging him so his name was finally unveiled. He was identified as Eric Haralson, a twenty-eight-year-old man with a big heart for strangers, especially for the elderly.

Eric and the elderly woman who was called Jan, talked heartily for about 45 minutes while having their lunch together.

They talked about a lot of things and Eric had no any hesitation to share his personal life with her. He talked about his girlfriend and kids and what he does at their church.

They have grown comfortable with each other for such a short span of time. They had a very nice lunch and conversation that they even exchanged contact numbers.

When Eric discovered the post and learned that it went viral, he immediately called Jan and said that if she answers, he would invite her to another meal with him. Eric also said that he did not know if she had companions in life but he really meant to be in touch with her as much as he can.

Eric thanked all the people who showed love and wrote on his Facebook:

“Shout out to everyone who has shown love. I definitely appreciate it! It is a humbling experience. Everyone who knows me knows that this is just the type of person I am. But I truly appreciate the love! Hope for more stores and experiences like this throughout the whole world.”

Truly, the heartwarming encounter at McDonald’s is a great exemplar of kindness and respect. Not everyone will have the courage or the heart to do what he did for the elderly woman.

While Eric deserves all the love and appreciation of people all over the world, Amanda should also be recognized for her shrewdness. She definitely has an eye for simple yet meaningful and inspiring moments.

Some people will just ignore the young man’s gesture but Amanda took notice and showed the world that it is not every day this kind of stories happen.

This story also proves that there’s still hope for humanity and that there are people who will cross bridges for other people, even for strangers.

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Tuesday 26th of October 2021

God Bless this young man an everyone like him throughout the world. You are speaking Gods language now. "LOVE."

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.