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Elderly man who passed away leaves behind 14 years of Christmas gifts for 2-year-old neighbor

Editor’s note: This story was originally published on December 20, 2018.

It is no secret that Christmas is the perfect opportunity to express our love for our friends, families, and neighbors by giving simple presents.

Despite Christmas being known as the season of giving, Owen Williams still couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he opened the door of his home to welcome the daughter of his elderly neighbor who had passed away.

Christmas gifts.


Seeing his deceased neighbor’s daughter standing outside his doorstep as she was holding a large plastic bag made Williams think that she needed help with her garbage.

Hence, Williams and his wife were more than surprised to find 14 presents wrapped in Christmas covers.

As it turned out, the old man, Ken Watson doted on their 2-year-old adorable daughter named Cadi.

Ken grew attached to the little girl that he made sure she would always get a present from him every Christmas- even after death.

The kind and thoughtful gesture of the old man tugged the heart of his daughter, of Cadi’s parents, and of the people who have learned about his sweet presents. The gifts have not been opened yet there was already an outpour of tears.

“She said ‘these are presents for Cadi for the next few Christmases — it’s quite heavy’. She was quite emotional and I got a lump on my throat,” Williams shared on an interview.

Even William’s wife could not suppress the tears from her eyes upon learning about how much their late neighbor grew fond of Cadi.

“It was like a Mary Poppins’ bag, the presents kept coming. It’s an actually unbelievable Christmas story.” Williams added.

Happy and emotional over the old man’s thoughtfulness and advance thinking, Williams shared their story on his Twitter account. Below are the content of his tweets:

“Our elderly neighbour passed away recently. His daughter popped around a few moments ago clutching a large plastic sack. In the sack were all the Christmas presents he’d bought for *our* daughter for the next thirteen [fourteen] years.” 

Williams also shared that the late Ken would always tell them that he would live until 100 years. Doing the simple math, Ken prepared gifts that would last until Cadi’s 16th birthday.

“My wife and I think it might make a nice Christmas tradition to give our daughter ‘a present from Ken’ for the next 14 years.” Williams added. However, there is a small problem… “Issue is, we really have to open them now. Nobody wants to give a fifteen-year-old Duplo!”

On the same viral Twitter thread, Williams confessed that he was not able to contain his curiosity and already opened one of the 14 presents. Fortunately it is a children’s book that is perfect for Cadi’s age.

Williams turned to the other Twitter users and asked them through a poll, whether he will open the gifts and re-wrap them or simply let each Christmas surprise them.

Despite him having only around 5,000 followers, his poll was answered by more than 60,000 people! Most of them believes that letting Cadi open one gift until she’s 16 is the better choice.

Williams and his family first met Ken when the old man was 83-years-old. On his Twitter account, Williams shared his unforgettable meeting with the old man.

“Ken was bouncing a 20-foot ladder across the face of his house, a redbrick house from the 1920s overlooking the sea. He was on top of the ladder trying to get one scaffold to the other across the floor.” Williams shared.

“He eventually came down the ladder and I gave him a bottle of wine. My dog came out to meet him, and he gave him some chocolate digestives cookies. The dog fell in love with him since then.” 

Apparently, Ken’s personality could win the heart not only of people, but of dogs as well. This surely says a lot about his good heart.

Ken was not only a kindhearted man, he also knew how to live his life to the fullest. He was a former salvage marine diver, a seaman, a carpenter, an engineer, and a baker. But above all else, knew how to make someone happy- evidently on his thoughtful presents for Cadi.

Ken may have passed away, but his memories and the life he had lived will surely remain in the hearts of the people he loved forever- along with the thousands of people who have learned about his story!

Watch the news video about this story below:

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