Woman captures moment when old man can’t afford to pay for his medication until stranger steps in

From time to time, we hear stories about people who do not hesitate to put their foot forward for the sake of other people. There are stories about Good Samaritans who share their time and effort to help someone out. On the other hand, there are also those who are more than happy to cover for other people’s tabs, be it for a warm meal to a hospital bill, there are just people around the world who do not hesitate to spread kindness.

An unnamed woman, who witnessed a heartwarming kind gesture at Walgreen, knows very well how contagious kindness could be. In her now viral social media post,  the woman detailed the touching scene that unfolded before her eyes- inspiring other people in the internet.

According to the woman, she was in the pharmacy section at Walgreen when she happened to overhear a conversation between Walgreen’s pharmacist and an elderly man at the check-out.

Apparently, the old man was there to get his three months worth of medication. All was good and well until the pharmacist informed the old man that his medicine supplies cost a total of $170. As it turned out, the old man was short on money. So the old man checked if he had enough to pay for a month supply of medicines instead.

Fortunately for the old man, a good Samaritan happened to witness his problem. Knowing that the old man needs his three months worth of medicine supplies, an unidentified woman happily stepped in to pay for it.

The act of kindness shown by the anonymous lady with a generous and caring heart towards the old man moved the woman who have seen the entire incident to tears.


The woman moved to tears shared the story she had witnessed on a social media platform site together with the photos she took. Her post reads:

“OKAY, I just saw the most amazing thing today. I was waiting for my prescription at Walgreen, and I noticed this man is picking up his medicines.. He is asking how much they are, and starting to get nervous about the price. The total was $170 and the pharmacist asked if he would rather only get one month of his medicines instead of 3.

THIS lady next to me, walks up to them and says: NO, he is getting all three months and pays for his bill. I was walking out of there with tears in my eyes, what an amazing woman…”


Now, the heartwarming story has become viral and is all over the internet. The story also inspired other people to share the kindness of others that they have experienced as well, proving that there are a lot good Samaritans left in the world!

“I had a similar situation. I had groceries and miscalculated. I had 60.00 on me and they rang up to 90. So, I had to put things back( which is always embarrassing, especially when someone’s waiting on you.) The lady behind me saw my embarrassment and said ‘Go ahead and put your things back, I’d like to pay for them.’ I said, ‘Oh, no, that’s okay, but thank you!’

So I paid for what I had and left. She follows me out to the parking lot with the items I had put back in a sack. She wants me to have them. I cry and hug her and thank her. When I get home, there’s a 100.00 bill in the sack. The amount of joy I received from this act of kindness made my day, my week, my year. I hope I can one day do this for someone.” 


A Reddit user under the name Joaniemansoosie shared after learning about the kind gesture the anonymous woman at Wahlgreen had shown to the old man. Her first hand experience of being helped by a compassionate and empathetic woman is restoring the faith of people to humanity. After all, it sure is reassuring to know that there are still people who look out for others.

Hearing stories about good samaritans and people doing kind gestures to one another sure is great. But aside from warming our hearts, may these stories ignite the compassion in our spirits to be the help we want to see from others. Just like the lady who covered for the old man, may we not miss our opportunities to be kind.


The kindness and basic goodness of humanity never fails to inspire us. Angels are out there and you could be that to someone too!

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