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Photo of a dying man sharing a last beer with his sons is resonating with thousands

A viral photo on Twitter shows the heart-warming image of a man with colon cancer sharing his “last” beer with his sons.

Colon cancer hit Norbert Schemm really hard and before he finally waved the world goodbye, he had one simple wish: to have one final round of drinks with his sons.

Luckily, his last wish was granted and the proof was the photo that recently went viral on Twitter. Norbert’s grandson, Adam Schemm, took and posted the picture on Twitter which quickly captured the hearts of his followers.

In the photo, Norbert can be seen smiling with a bottle of beer in his hand. Around him were his sons, Tom, John and Bob and his wife Joanne.

Adam mentioned in his post that his grandfather has passed away and had his one last beer with his sons. He said that this final happy moment meant a lot to his grandfather. They all knew what was about to happen and they just enjoyed their last time together.

Though it seemed like a closure, they knew that they did a great job with making his Grandpa’s last moment happy and meaningful. They all drank beer for 90 minutes and talked about family. Norbert also made everyone promise to take good care of his wife.

After 90 minutes of joy and bond, Norbert Schemm passed away in peace, knowing his family would be in good hands.

This heartfelt story made people share similar stories and photos. They also shared a loved one’s last beer and one commenter said it was the “hardest beer he ever drank.” Another Twitter user,Ben Riggs, posted photos of him giving his grandpa his final drink.

He wrote, “I don’t know you but I felt this. Days before my grandpa passed, he let my Dad and I know he wanted a cigar and a beer. We made it happen.”

Because Adam’s post was very heart-warming and relatable, it quickly garnered over 30 thousand retweets and thousands of likes and comments.

Adam admitted that he was hesitant to post the photo at first but he was glad he did it. The positive feedback he got from friends and strangers made him and his family smile despite their loss.

People who are dying have different last wishes. Some wanted to have their final drink while some wanted to have their last shot at their favorite sports. One dying grandmother, who also went viral this year, wished to see the ocean for the last time.

Nonetheless, whatever their final wish is, the most important thing is that it is granted and they are able to spend their last moments with their family and loved ones.

Have you lost a loved one, too? What was their “final wish” and were you able to grant it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comment section and share this story with your family and friends.

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