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Woman’s dream tiny home looks like a dollhouse with a walk-in closet

Living in a tiny house means prioritizing only what you need, and for Dolly, that means having a walk-in closet inside her home.

This tiny house on wheels in Victoria, Australia, is absolutely gorgeous. But what makes it even more beautiful is its overall design, which is entirely based on its owner’s personality.

Dolly became inspired to live in a tiny home when she saw a tiny house truck for the first time in 2013. She instantly fell in love with the structure and started working towards building one for herself.

Her 23x8x13ft tiny house on wheels is parked on a wonderful organic farm and stands 4.3 meters high from the ground.

The home’s interior will remind you of a dollhouse. It’s feminine, sweet, and welcoming – just like its owner. Dolly said her home was an extension of herself, so she gave it the name “Tiny Miss Dolly.”

Her design philosophy was simple: if something makes her happy, then she will incorporate that into her home.

Dolly spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so she made sure that it had everything she needed. It features a beautiful L-shaped counter made from mountain ash hardwood, lots of storage space, floating shelves, and a pull-out drawer built into the stairs going up to the loft.

She also has an Ikea drop leaf table that she uses when eating with guests.

The tiny house has a two-level loft that serves as a guest loft and an office. It has a cozy seat that converts into a lounge chair and a bed if guests need to sleepover.

Right below the loft is the home’s most outstanding feature: a walk-in closet. Dolly said “a woman needs her walk-in wardrobe,” and that’s precisely what she built into her home.

Aside from keeping her bags, accessories, clothes, and shoes inside the room, Dolly also kept her small washing machine in there.

Dolly—being a petite woman—was the perfect height to be able to pull off something like this. And she surely took advantage of that by customizing her home to fit both her needs and wants.

Her bathroom has a beautiful floating basin which was actually made from a salad bowl and an offcut from her kitchen sink.

It also has a composting toilet that Dolly made herself and a good sized shower.

Dolly’s pink-inspired sleeping loft is cozy and looks straight out of a doll’s house.

“I think pink is a universal color and everyone needs pink in their life,” she said in a video tour of her home.

The house exudes a sweet, cute, and childlike vibe – everything that represents its owner. Dolly designed it based on how she feels, and she’s now reaping the benefits of that authenticity by waking up every morning living in her dream house.

Take a tour inside the Tiny Miss Dolly by watching the video below.

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