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Dogs are about to go home from daycare in a doggie school bus

Children have a daycare as a place where they can learn and pass time while their parents are away and busy making money.

Today, dogs have a similar place which we can call as a doggie daycare. Now, their owners won’t have to wonder and worry about them while they are at work, for their dogs are having the time of their life in the adorable daycare made for them!

The trailblazer of the daycare for dogs is an organization called ‘Good Hands Boarding Kennels,’ which can be found in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

The adorable facility catered for dogs did not only think about the busy schedule working Canadians have. In fact, they have even taken the weather in Canada in making their services extra-special.

Just as how children have a school bus to ride to and from their daycare, the Good Hands Boarding Kennels, offers a doggie school bus as well!

The cute dogs and puppies are boarded on the school bus inside their own cages to keep them secured and separated from one another.

The doggie daycare bus can accommodate a maximum of 10 cages. In addition, the bus comes to each house of the dogs, whether it is sunny, rainy, or even snowy!

According to the woman behind the doggie daycare, the bus is only made to make the life of the owners a lot easier. In fact, it was made for the best interest of the dogs.

“If the dogs can’t make it for whatever reason, I hate the thoughts of them sitting at home all day bored or in a crate when they could be here playing,” A representative of the Good Hands Boarding Kennels explained. ‘We’ve got to go get them!’”

If you are wondering if the dogs who go to the ‘Good Hands Boarding Kennels,’ spend their time to learn about counting numbers and singing rhyming songs, the answer is obviously no.

However, just like in a regular daycare in which children are free to socialize with one another, dogs in the doggie daycare spend time playing with one another as well.

Once they have arrived at the doggie daycare, the dogs are free to play as much as they want. Hence, every morning, a pack of dogs excitedly run out of the bus to enter their heavenly playground.

The ‘Good Hands Boarding Kennels,’ have a lot of facilities in which the dogs have fun using. The doggie daycare has a swimming pool, a ball launcher for the dogs to fetch, seesaws, and even sandpits!

Surely, the doggie daycare is not only a place to kill time, for it is a paradise for the dogs wanting to have fun!

The doggie daycare also celebrates the birthday of the dogs who attend their boarding kennel. On top of that, they observe and celebrate other holidays as well!

According to the dog owners who leave reviews on the Facebook account of the Good Hands Boarding Kennels, their beloved dogs always look forward to coming to the doggie daycare.

“We bring our Carlos to Goodhands even when we are not working or away, because he loves it that much. I would recommend this lovely place to anyone who feels guilty for having to kennel their dog, because you will quickly see the joy it brings, and feel happy and at ease bringing them. Carlos hardly wants to leave when we come to get him!” Clare Currie, a client of the Good Hands Boarding Kennels shared.

Goodhands Boardingkennels is just an awesome place. They love our fur babies as much as we do…you can have a worry free day knowing your pet is in their care. Wayne & Rachel are so attentive with all the doggies. I love the videos & pics they post daily on their page.

Always puts a big smile on my face. I know Tucker has so much fun when he’s there with them & all his doggie buddies. Keep up the great work!” Judy Capstick Keagan said, clearly happy and satisfied with the services of the doggie daycare.

“I genuinely believe my dog had an amazing time. I was so nervous but he looked great after, he smiled the whole way home and slept so well that night.

Definitely going back!” Genaya Maria, another client, shared how much her dog enjoyed the doggie daycare.

Hopefully, a lot of animal organizations and other boarding Kennel institutions will follow after the outstanding services rendered by the Good Hands Boarding Kennels. 

So that dogs all over the world can have fun in a paradise, instead of simply waiting for time to pass alone by themselves until their owners return home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.