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Dog has priceless reaction after bumping into her groomer on the street

For the past three years, this adorable pup named Muffin has been going to Lisa Granade’s Happy at Home Pet Grooming in Washington for her dog grooming sessions.

As a regular client, Muffin has developed a close friendship with Lisa over time.

“Muffin is a very goofy little girl! So affectionate! Her tail wags and she smiles the moment she sees me. I love having her in the salon,” Lisa told The Dodo.


Lisa Granade

Although they are strongly bonded, the pair’s interactions have only been limited to the salon’s premises. Lisa and Muffin only got to spend precious bonding moments together when the latter needs a trim.

That is, until recently, when Lisa chanced upon the pooch outside.


Lisa Granade

One day, Lisa was driving down the street when she saw a familiar dog owner on a stroll with her pup. To her delight, she saw that it was her regular client, Muffin. So she decided to stop and say hello.

Little did she know that this simple encounter would surprise the innocent Muffin so much.

“I pulled over and rolled down my window. I called out to her mom, ‘That’s a cute dog you’ve got there!’. As soon as Muffin heard my voice, she started looking for me!” Lisa shared.

Lisa Granade

When Muffin turned and saw that Lisa was indeed there, she had a look of utter shock on her face – it’s as if she couldn’t believe that she was really seeing one of her favorite humans!

Seeing her groomer in a place that she didn’t expect her to be was a mind blowing experience for Muffin, and it clearly showed.

Lisa Granade

“I think she was totally bamboozled!” Lisa said. “She could not figure out why I wasn’t in the salon.”

But it was definitely a good surprise for Muffin. Lisa couldn’t resist and got out of her car to spend a few minutes petting her adorable dog grooming client.

“She was overjoyed,” Lisa said.

Lisa Granade

Clearly, these two have a great relationship with each other!

“The bond I have with my clients is the best part of the job,” Lisa said. “It’s a relationship of trust and joy.”

Much to Muffin’s delight, she just discovered that this sense of joy could come to surprise her in the most unexpected moment – and not just when she goes for dog grooming sessions.

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