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Three pregnant rescue dogs each have their own maternity photo-shoot

Just when you thought maternity photo-shoots were only for women, this trio of pregnant dog moms proves you wrong. Thanks a lot to the nonprofit organization that made this happen.

Three pregnant pooches named Shelly, Sassy, and Fiona all exuded a motherly glow in their maternity photos. They were rescued by Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, a nonprofit that provides pet adoption services in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The group also finds loving homes for dogs and cats rescued from low-income, rural animal shelters.

After coming into the shelter’s care, they placed the three dog moms into their respective foster homes. Their foster parents knew having them adopted wouldn’t be easy, so they thought of a brilliant plan to capture the attention of potential adopters. To raise awareness about the pregnant pooches and their upcoming puppies, they each held a maternity shoot for the dogs!

The nonprofit rescued Shelly after she was left behind at a rural shelter in Georgia. They moved her into a foster home just two days before giving birth to 10 cute puppies. Luckily, her foster parents were able to squeeze in a maternity shoot for her before her babies came out.

Shelly looked absolutely adorable in her photos. In one of the pictures, her upper body was propped up onto an ottoman, allowing a view of her bulging belly. She even appeared to be smiling in the shot! Shelly and her litter are doing well and should be up for adoption in six weeks.

14-year-old Sassy came under the care of the nonprofit after she was left behind at another shelter for being too old and too pregnant. Her foster parents wanted to drum up interest in the dog and her future litter, so they took a shot of her sitting on a blanket while wearing a tiny pink glittered hat bearing the words “Party Posse.” She also wore a dog tag of the same color.

Despite having a tough past, Sassy successfully delivered 12 healthy puppies at her foster home. Her current caretakes hope that their little maternity shoot will help the senior dog and her babies find loving homes. The mom and her pups will be up for adoption in about seven weeks.

Fiona was found alone on the side of the road. Thankfully, she has now moved in with foster parents who treat her like a queen. In her photoshoot, she is seen lying down while wearing angel wings – a fitting prop for the dog’s angelic face. Once her puppies are born, Fiona and her babies will be available for adoption eight weeks post-birth, as long as everyone is healthy.

Another dog who had a maternity photoshoot is this charming dachshund. Her owner, Mona, called up a photographer known for doing maternity shoots for expecting moms. However, this time, it wasn’t for a human; it’s for her pregnant dog Mia!

Belinda Sol was excited to do the maternity shoot as it was her first time doing one for a pooch. To prepare for the session, she bought a dress for the dog and some props. During the day of the shoot, Mia was even accompanied by the proud husband and soon-to-be father.

Belinda uploaded the photos on Facebook, and thousands of people swooned over the beautiful pictures. That’s when she knew that they would have to do a newborn shoot, too! Soon after, Mia gave birth to six adorable sausage puppies, and the photographer was there once more to capture the happy moment.

You can learn more about Shelly, Sassy, Fiona, and the other animals under the care of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue on the nonprofit’s website.

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