Dog spotted taking his owner’s hand to safely cross busy street

Dog looking at owner's hand waiting for the signal to cross the street.

It’s a sentence we’ve heard over and over ever since we were children: Look both ways before crossing the street.

It’s one of the first lessons we learn from childhood, and it is definitely a piece of advice that should be heeded. Road safety is highly important, and it is necessary that kids know how to cross the road properly no matter how young they are.

But as it turns out, children are not the only ones who have taken this advice to heart, but also one dog standing by a busy road in Kathmandu, Nepal.

This dog was spotted by American journalist Natalie Compton, who flew to Nepal to hike up to Everest Base Camp.

“I had a few days in Kathmandu before the hiking started,” Natalie told The Dodo. “I had found a local gym to keep up my training for the trek, and was sitting outside of the gym building resting after my workout. The streets of Kathmandu are mesmerizing to watch.”

When she saw the dog standing with her owner, she immediately began taking a video, which she was accustomed to doing as a “good dog-loving millennial.”

“I’d seen a million cute dogs since I’d gotten to town, some wearing sweaters, most very friendly and curious,” Natalie shared.

Smart dog stands on his hind legs and reaches for owner's hand to cross the street.

She expected that it would just be a typical dog-with-owner video, but a few seconds into filming, she saw something unusual unfold before her eyes.

The owner summoned the dog’s paw, and the pooch obediently lifted his paw up to his human’s hand. The pair proceeded to cross the busy road hand-in-paw and got to the other side of the street safely.

Woman records dog holding his owner's hand while crossing.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when they walked across the street like that,” Natalie said.

It’s no wonder why this dog is so loved and cared for. In Nepal, they hold a festival called Kukur Tihar, which is a day that honors dogs for their loyalty and friendship. During this celebration, the dogs are adorned with colorful floral garlands and crowns. Their foreheads are also marked with a red powder as a sign of sacredness.

Natalie was amazed by what she just witnessed and decided to post the video on her Twitter, captioning, “The most surprising 15 seconds of my life by far.” 

A Twitter screenshot of the amazing event.

I think most of us would agree – this dog doesn’t cross the road like any of his peers do! Check out the whole video below.

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