Dog adapts habit of guarding family’s bread whenever they leave the house

Aside from the remarkable companionship they provide and their unwavering loyalty, we all know that dogs make excellent guard animals.

Equipped with heightened senses and barks that can be vicious when they want it to, our pups can protect us and our property from danger and scare away any intruder.

This Rottweiler dog, however, is an expert at guarding one unusual thing – bread.

Photo from Katrina Frank

While most of our canine friends guard our houses, especially when we’re asleep at night, this 6-year-old Rottweiler named Jakey has a knack for watching over her family’s bread.

Katrina Frank, Jakey’s owner, spoke to The Dodo about her pet’s adorable quirk.

“She started this four years ago when we moved to our farm. Every time we would leave, she would hide the bread,” she said.

Photo from Katrina Frank

Over the years, Jakey has developed a keen nose for baked goods. As soon as Katrina walks out the door, the dog will go sniffing around their entire house to locate the loaf wrapped in plastic.

The pup will go to great lengths to make sure that no one comes to harm the family’s bread. No matter where her owners keep it, Jakey always finds out where it is.

“We have a bread box, so she likes to hop up and pull it out of there,” Katrina said.

“If I leave it in the pantry instead, she nudges the door open and gets it out. I’ve put it in the refrigerator before, and she has opened the door to get to it.”

Jakey is not only a great bread guardian but also a dog with impressive self-control.

Photo from Katrina Frank

In all his years protecting bread, the Rottweiler has not once taken a bite out of the delicious-smelling baked good.

Of course, he makes sure that all the other animals in the house do the same. Making sure that absolutely no one ‘harms’ the family’s bread has become her daily mission!

Katrina described how Jakey would guard the bread as if her life depended on it: “She likes to put it behind the couch and lay by it. Otherwise, [she puts it in] the closet in my bedroom.”

And she has only one theory on why her dog does it: “I assume she thinks it’s the most important thing to us because we use it so often,” she said.

As soon as Katrina returns, Jakey leads her to the spot where she kept the bread. The dog does this with a guilty expression on her face, but her owner is not too worried as she knows that it won’t be missing for too long.

Photo from Katrina Frank

If there is no bread, Jakey moves on to guarding other baked goods. Once, she took a Tupperware of cookies left sitting on the counter and hid all 17 pieces without breaking any.

As usual, the dog led Katrina to them once she got home. And if Jakey couldn’t find any form of starch in the home, her last resort would be to watch over the butter.

Jakey’s habit is weirdly adorable, but it certainly reassures her family that their food at home will always be safe!

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