Dog finds himself all alone at animal shelter after everyone else gets adopted

Wayside Waifs, an animal rescue group in Kansas City, Missouri, held a 19-hour adoption event last April 2019. Before it began, the staff were hopeful that all 200 plus of their animals will find their forever homes that day.

Fortunately, that’s what happened. By the end of the day, 203 cats, dogs, and even guinea pigs were taken in by their new families.

Every single four-legged being was adopted except for one – Kenny.


Kenny is a two-year-old pitbull-terrier mix. The staff describes him as a friendly and energetic pup, so they were surprised that he somehow got overlooked by potential adopters.

The dog originally stayed at the Louisiana SPCA before he was transferred to the Wayside Waifs because of an overcrowding issue. Though his shelter friends didn’t know much about his past, they all loved him nevertheless for his sunny personality.

That’s why it’s a complete mystery to everyone as to why nobody was interested in adopting the sweet pup.


“Kenny is a fun, friendly and happy dog. He’s definitely a people dog! Yesterday a volunteer took him on a field trip. The volunteer described him as ‘a dream.’ They went to get ice cream, they visited a nearby park/lake where Kenny waded in the water, then they stopped by a local pet store where he became friends with everyone who worked there,” Casey Waugh, communications and annual giving manager at Wayside Waifs, told The Dodo.

Kenny treats every moment in his life as a fantastic adventure, and he would love nothing more than to have a loving family to share all his energy and love with.


Of course, the staff wouldn’t let this rejection stand, so they made sure to create a sweet profile for him on their Facebook page so that people would get to know him. He even got to go on the local news so his story will be shared.

The shelter also posted this heart-wrenching photo of Kenny all alone with no one to play with.

On his profile, the shelter listed his favorite things to do, such as playing at the park and using agility equipment. Kenny also enjoys cuddles on the couch as well.


As for his personality, the shelter warned that Kenny needed to be the only dog in the house and that he would do best in a home without small children because he is highly-energetic. A family with an athletic nature would be a great match for him, as the pup loved running around and going on walks.

But above all, Kenny just needs a family who would love him.

While everyone around him is saddened by the fact that all of Kenny’s animal friends have left the shelter, the dog didn’t seem to notice too much, as the staff made sure to shower him with lots of love and affection while he waits for his forever family.


“Honestly, while we all want Kenny to find his forever home ASAP, we’re positive he’s enjoying the pampering he’s received,” Casey said. “In addition to the field trip he went on yesterday, he was showered with love on Sunday. He was given a dog-friendly brunch, a new collar and a big, yummy bone.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending – Kenny eventually found his forever home! The pup has been adopted by a woman who the shelter says was a perfect match for him.

We’re so glad that Kenny has found his forever home and a mom to shower him with lots of love!