Couple let their dog choose its own kitty companion from the local shelter

When a couple named Christina and Vincent got engaged, they knew they wanted to have children of their own.

However, the pair wasn’t quite convinced yet if they were ready – all they knew was that they wanted to add a new member to their family, so they visited a local shelter in their area.


There, they met Raven, a Tamaskan puppy who they instantly fell in love with. They took the dog home and readied themselves to become the best fur parents that they could ever be to their little bundle of fluff.

Just like every other puppy, Raven was always on the go. She enjoyed running around, fetching her toys, sniffing around the yard, and sleeping on the couch after a long and tiring day.


However, Raven’s excessive energy soon became an issue. Her parents still had day jobs, which meant that Raven was left alone at the house during most of the day. The couple realized that their puppy needed a companion who she could bond with while they were away.

Christina took Raven to the local shelter in Lubbock where they adopted her from for her to choose a new cat friend. The shelter allowed a series of kittens to meet with the pup. Many of the cats didn’t care for Raven’s nuzzles – except for one tabby.

A long-haired tabby named Woodhouse instantly showed Raven her affection, and it was obvious that the two had an immediate bond. Without hesitation, Christina took the kitty home as their new family member.


As soon as they were let loose together in the house, they began playing as if they were long-lost friends. Raven even willingly shared her food and toys with the cat.

Not long after, the two became inseparable buddies. If Raven would go for a walk, Woodhouse would always join him. If the tabby wanted to take a nap on the couch, the pup would nestle up to her and keep her warm. The duo’s incredible bond was such a lovely thing to witness.


Since they were adopted in the same year, Christina and Vincent decided that their two furry friends would celebrate their birthdays on the same day.

When this occasion comes, Christina likes to make them a special cake and spoil them with their favorite snacks such as hot dogs and wet food!


Now, the good news is that Christina and Vincent already got married and are expecting their first human baby this July!


The couple certainly made the right decision of adopting both a cat and a  dog. For sure, their future kids will have the best animals to grow up with!