Dog born without front legs finds forever home

One day, a kindhearted man surrendered a tiny puppy with without front legs to the San Francisco SPCA.

The man’s name was Jene, and he was in the car waiting on a friend when he found Daffodil the Chihuahua in a soggy cardboard box. He saw several people walk past the pup, but nobody stopped to help. One person picked her up but upon noticing her birth defect, she was immediately put right back in the box.


A Facebook commenter  who saw the post about the pup was so disgusted that she left a comment that said:

“I cant believe anyone would be able to walk away from that puppy and leave her on the street. Heartless disgusting humans. You should be ashamed. Thank god there are still some good people left on this earth and everything worked out for this little pup.”

Jene saw all of this happen and couldn’t bear to leave the dog alone on the street. He gently took Daffodil out of the box, wrapped her into his t-shirt, and took her home to feed her.

He noticed the dog struggling to walk on his hardwood floor, and that’s when Jene realized that she needed more help than he could provide. He took her to the San Francisco SPCA where she could receive proper care and attention.


Even though Daffodil had a difficult time moving around, it didn’t seem to dampen her spirit.

“Despite her challenges, Daffodil was a typical puppy at heart: curious, playful, and so very adorable,” the SPCA wrote. “She had already learned to get around well enough, but couldn’t channel her puppy energy into playful romping, or chasing toys, or running in circles like the other dogs.”


In order to allow Daffodil to live the life that she deserves, the SPCA decided to fit her with a device that could assist in her movement. With the help of OrthoPets – a company that specializes in animal prosthetic – and countless donations from strangers, Daffodil soon received her very own set of wheels that would give her the ability to move around more easily!

“[T]his resilient little puppy [ran] for the first time in her life. Just like that: she was given the chance, and she just went for it,” the SPCA wrote.

In a beautiful twist to the story, Daffodil was eventually adopted by an employee of OrthoPets who instantly fell in love with her the moment she saw her photos. Even though she lived in Colorado, she submitted an adoption application and fortunately, she was the lucky individual who was chosen to be Daffodil’s mom!


“[Olivia] flew in from Colorado to take her home and provide her with a lifetime of love and specialized care. Because some people see value and love and potential and best friends — even in a broken little dog,” the post said.

Daffodil is now moving forward – literally – and living her best life with her new family!

Watch her story in the video below.