Devoted dog always walks alongside her grandma to make sure she’s safe

A stray dog named Lollipop was found wandering the streets near a car wash when she was just 8 months old.

To prevent her from running into the nearby busy road, some men working in the establishment took her and tied her up. They proceeded to hang out with her all day and found that Lollipop was one sweet dog. With every minute they spent with her, the workers couldn’t help but fall in love with her even more.

At the car wash.
Cathy Officee

One day, Cathy Officee stopped by the car wash and went over to pet the new four-legged resident. She asked about her, and all of Lollipop’s new pals had nothing but praises to say. The staff told Cathy that the dog appeared to be abandoned or lost, so Cathy immediately decided to take her.

After checking if she had a microchip, driving around the neighborhood where she was found, posting her pictures all over the internet, and even putting lost dog notices at the local shelter, Cathy finally confirmed that Lollipop had no owner, so she decided to formally adopt Lollipop into her family.

Cathy Officee

“By the end of five days I was SO in love with her I was happy no one claimed her and there wasn’t any question of me finding her a family,” she told The Dodo.

Lollipop, now three years old, feels the same towards her new family. She always follows her brother Isaac around and also feels the need to be close to Cathy as much as possible.

Recently, Cathy’s family moved in with her mother and her three dogs and that gave Lollipop more people and fellow dogs to love!

However, there is one family member in particular that the pooch appeared to have become attached to – Cathy’s mom.

Cathy Officee

Lollipop’s “grandma” is 90 years old and uses a walker to get around. She moves very slowly and often has to take breaks as she goes. Recently, Cathy noticed that whenever her mom is up and moving around, Lollipop would be right there beside her and will immediately stand up when she does and lie down whenever she pauses to take a break from walking.

“We can’t decide if Lolli wants her to go back and sit down or if she’s standing ready in case Mom falls,” Cathy said.

Cathy Officee

But no matter the reason, Lollipop was always on guard whenever grandma is up and because of this, the two have developed an extraordinary friendship.

“Mom has three dogs and I have two so there is always a dog milling around,” Cathy said. “Lollipop is the only one who gets in Mom’s way.”

Cathy Officee

No matter what time of day, Lollipop is always there for grandma to make sure that she gets safely to her destination.

This just shows how much of a sweet and loving dog Lollipop is. Cathy’s family is definitely so lucky to have her!