Do Not Hurt Or Use Me

I am who I am. Like me, love me. Take me, leave me. Know that I am a true friend to the end and ask for nothing in return except two things: don’t hurt or use me. — Unknown

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2 thoughts on “Do Not Hurt Or Use Me”

  1. Just because you are involved in a critical conversation should not excuse you from acknowledging a familiar face or Facebook friend. I am guilty of such and wish so much to be able to reverse that span of time but life goes on and we have to commit to our daily challenges, struggles and disappointments without letting our failures to distract us from our true self. God is SO GOOD.

  2. To ask never to be hurt in a relationship is like asking for us to be transformed into heavenly beings all at once here on earth. There are bound to be times when people, even best friends, have hurt feelings from misunderstandings. Then, if friends are true, they talk it out, and work it out, and the friendship gets stronger and better for it.,

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