Focus Where You Are Going

Don’t allow people with no purpose to distract you away from yours. Some people just don’t deserve the opportunity to faze you or the power to make you mad. You will get it wrong at times so expect to be judged, expect to be doubted, expect to be talked about; but understand that your mission is greater than your mistakes. Don’t waste valuable time trying to prove yourself to pointless people. Accept where you’ve been, understand where you are, and focus on where you are going. — Rob Hill Sr.


4 thoughts on “Focus Where You Are Going”

  1. Amen
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  2. Your positive thoughts are great, motivating s nd always refreshing. However, please copy edit and check for grammar and spellings before posting them.

  3. I am finally free! So many years of abuse and it is a freedom the best freedom every day to be able to walk away and say You and what you say no longer controls me!

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