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  1. So eloquently written capturing the essence of of those of us diagnosed with cancer . I am so blessed , I am 1 yr into my stage 4 lung cancer & have yet to feel or look sick . I take every opportunity to spread LC awareness . If you have lungs you can get lung cancer ,,take it from me a perfectly healthy
    69 yr old woman at Dx ,,never sick , not a presc to my name weight training 2 times a week for the last 10’yrs .
    I am 70 now , my only prescription pill is Getfitinib , still working out 2 times a week & often wonder why me , well it is because I have lungs just like all people that get diagnosed with all the various cancers , like breast cancer , pancreatic etc
    There is no reason .

  2. God this is so true.. been there done that as a mother and as a cancer patient of stage three colorectal cancer. So well written

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