Daughter with muscular dystrophy asks dad to dance with her on school talent show

Have you ever just been in the presence of someone and they instantly make you view life in a completely different lens. They make you just want to live life in every way imaginable because they do it all the time and it seems like it comes so easy to them. That’s how I feel every time I am in the presence of my cousins daughter, Kiley.

Christina Corrao

On June 15th I gave my cousin a call for Father’s Day he is a single father of 4 children. One of his oldest children being an inspiration to everyone around her. Her name is Kiley she is 15 and she suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The conversation goes on and he asks me if I was working the next day because Kileys gift to him was to dance with him at her talent show at school.

Christina Corrao

My heart instantly melted when he told me that. The conversation continued and he told me it was to the song “you’ll be in my heart” from the movie Tarzan. At that moment my heart instantly sank into my stomach.

I immediately was thinking of excuses to tell my boss why I wasn’t going to be in. Unfortunately, none of them seemed valid. At this point, he put me on speaker phone and although I couldn’t see her reactions I knew she was smiling from ear to ear and she was so excited about this special dance.

Christina Corrao

Skip to the day of the show, Around 2:30 I received a text message from my cousin and I knew without even opening it what it was. I couldn’t wait to open it. I put it on and once the song came on tears started to form.

About halfway through, the tears started running down my face and I forgot I was at work. I was instantly pulled in. I felt as if I was in that room with them. It was the most beautiful dance I had ever seen.

Christina Corrao

My cousin Jay is the biggest advocate for his daughter. He does everything and anything for her including dance in front of a crowd of people. But in her eyes it’s just the two of them.

Kiley May live with a disease but she doesn’t for one second let it live inside her. She grabs life at every chance she can get. As for Jay, well he’s a normal dad just going through life with his 15 year old daughter. Jay may be his daughters biggest advocate, But little do they know, I am theirs.

This story was submitted to Positive Outlooks by Christina Corrao.