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Daring couple got married while suspended 400 feet above canyon

Couples who are set on marrying each other think hard about the details of their upcoming wedding. Since their wedding marks a new stage in their life, engaged couples plan and make sure that everything will be perfect on their wedding day. From the date of the wedding up to the number of guests who will witness their matrimony, everything must be spot-on!

What makes the wedding even more special is the venue of the ceremony. Some couples choose to be wed in a traditional wedding to feel the solemnity of their vows; while some couple choose to be wed in a cool beach for a more laid back setting; while others choose to exchanged their vows in a place that played a big role in their relationship.

The loving newlyweds, Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin chose the latter- to be wed in the place where their love blossomed.

And that place turned out to be on top of the Moab Canyon!

Apparently Ryan and Kimberly are both adrenaline junkies. They love embarking on ‘extreme’ adventures that could pump their adrenaline. Whether it’s cliff jumping or sky diving, the adventurous couple won’t back out of it.

In one of their courageous adventure, they happened to cross path with each other in the Moab canyon while attending the high-lining GGBY festival. In the year 2016, the couple got engaged on the celebration of the festival. And last November 2017, the couple tied the knot a day before their favorite festival.

So lo and behold, Ryan and Kimberly exchanged “I do’s” suspended 400 feet above the Moab Canyon!

Their wedding in the sky would not be possible without the help of Ryan’s best man who engineered a multi-colored space net. Thanks to the sturdy colorful net, the couple was kept from falling and was safely pronounced as husband and wife.

Kimberly walked down the engineered ‘aisle’ together with her father, who could not hide his nervousness from showing as he deliver his precious daughter to her groom.

Moab’s breath-taking canyon is not the only unique part of their wedding. Instead of using the traditional “I do’s”
the thrill-seeking couple used “Hell yeahs!” Also, their wedding included aerial artists performing on silks tied underneath their sturdy. In addition, their wedding ceremony was also graced with 10 flower girls, clad in adorable tutus, who fearlessly jumped off the net as they released petals.

And instead of using a conventional wedding ring to symbolize their matrimony, the bold newlyweds used a soft handmade shackles, a gear they use to rig on high lines, customized with a diamond and a flower.

After their breath-taking and heart-stopping wedding ceremony, Kimberly shared her stunning wedding photos along with a loving message for her husband.

“One of my favourite parts about our relationship is that we share the same passions and attitudes towards life,” Kimberly wrote, happy to have found the man who enjoys the same interest as she does.

“I love that I can share this space with @slackinhigh, above the quiet abyss, with no questions asked, and with full calm and understanding…” Kimberly added.

“Between all the highlining and adventuring we have done over the past three years, we have found ourselves constantly putting our lives into each other’s hands (i.e. trusting their rigging, trusting that they’re spotting or belaying you correctly, trusting that they care enough to be attentive, double check their work, and keep you safe, etc.)…” Kimberly continued, sharing all of the experiences that strengthened her relationship with Ryan.

“From that I believe we have developed a really special bond and a really strong trust in one another. Our adventures remind us to LIVE together. To be lighthearted and not waste our short time on this Earth squabbling about petty things and ‘problems’ that we don’t really have.” 

Indeed, Ryan and Kimberly are fortunate to have found someone who understands and enjoy the same breath-taking and death-defying adventures they love. The courageous adventures and unforgettable experiences they conquered truly made their relationship stronger. After all, as what Gordon Hinckley used to say, “Love is meant to be an adventure!”

Photos  |   Hearness Photography and Kimberly Jenks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.