Dancers form a big circle, wows crowd with incredibly precise high kick routine

There are two types of performances: one that is unremarkable and easily forgotten, and one that astonishes and makes an impression on its audience, leaving them wanting to see more.

Certainly, it would be the latter once you’ve watched the Emerald Belles’ high kick routine that they performed during the Showmakers of America Dance Competition.

Source: YouTube

You’ve probably never heard about these ladies from Carroll Senior High School in Texas, but once you’ve seen their moves and incredible coordination, we’re pretty sure that you won’t stop telling your friends about them.

High kick dance routines are popular for their swift movements, sharp lines, and varying formations.

These performances are typically accented by eye-catching costumes, purposely worn to captivate spectators through the additional visual impact.

High kick routines could easily be recognized by dance teams, enthusiasts, experts, and anyone who loves the sport.

Besides, it is done by popular troupes such as the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes.

Anyone who watches might think that these dances are easy to do, but it’s the exact opposite! Expert high kick dancers just make it look so easy.

The years of practice have made them limber, that’s why every move they make seems effortless. For one to achieve a perfect high kick, there must be a mix of posture, balance, and flexibility, combined with loads of practice and hard work.

Source: YouTube

The girls – donning their blue tights decked out with silver sequins – began their routine by positioning themselves to form an inverted triangle.

Within seconds of starting their performance, the group already drew loud cheers from the audience. It looks like these ladies are a crowd favorite!

Each dancer then lies on the floor row by row except for one. The only member left standing lifts her right leg, which is taken as a signal by the rest of the group to change positions.

“Around the World” by Daft Punk plays, which is just the perfect accompaniment to their mesmerizing routine.

Source: YouTube

From there, the Emerald Belles break into different positions, all while maintaining their perfect synchronization.

Every movement they make is extremely seamless that the troupe almost looked like automated machine pieces – every action was precisely executed.

We wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you, so you better just watch their amazing performance in the video below.

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